Out of Office: Guru



Guru in Parktown North is busiest between 7am and about 8:30am. For this daily hour and a half rush, the place is bustling with the pre-work crowd all getting their caffeine fix for the day.


From 8:30am onwards, things quiet down a bit and Guru becomes the unofficial shared office for a regular group of freelancers. They are joined by daily regulars who come in at the same time every day, greet everyone by name, sit in the same place and while away a couple hours reading the paper, writing (what?) or chatting with different people. Guru is the kind of place where you honestly don’t get any skew looks if you spend four, five, six… hours sitting in the same place. Needless to say, there’s free and mostly reliable WI-FI available.


The relaxed atmosphere and unpretentious décor (albeit very red) makes this spot popular across the board. There’re toys for children to play with,  newspapers to read, and the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows let light and the bustle of 3rd Avenue stream in. Guru feels a lot like the quintessential 90s sitcom coffee shop – the Central Perk for a different group of Joburg regulars. The long red table that runs down the middle of the space has seen many a deal made, new partnership formed, networks connected and not to mention a few romances struck up.


Apart from the exceptional coffee (definitely one of the best cappuccinos in Joburg), there’s a great selection of fruit juices and ice-teas, and tasty snacky-things to eat. Roger and his staff greet every customer warmly, and most by name.


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You will find Guru on 3rd Street in Parktown North

Open 7 days a week: Monday – Friday 6am – 7pm, and Saturday & Sunday 6:30am – 5:30pm.

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