3 Young Soweto Guys Go Global On Social Media



It’s a South African phenomenon called I See A Different You. It’s a blog, a trend and an entrepreneurial Social Media story about passion and pure instinct.


Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha started I See A Different You as a passion project portraying the world as they see it. The project was essentially motivated by the jaundiced portrayal of Soweto in the media, which is often biased, skewed or just damned depressing. That was at the end of 2011. Today, their photo essays of authentic Soweto, have grown into advertising photography, major brand ambassadorship and social projects in Downtown Johannesburg, the rest of Africa, and even in countries and cities all over the world.


I See A Different You


The Home Brewed Social media Launch.


“We launched ‘I See A Different You’ on Tumblr, and the project quickly got legs, and then we launched on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,” explains Innocent Mukheli. With close on 16 000 followers on Twitter, 4649 page likes on Facebook, over 12 000 followers on Instagram and around 50 000 followers on Tumblr – Vuyo Mpantsha admits that they are both surprised at the level of success this project – which started as a hobby – has begun to reach. The hobby became a business when the Markham’s fashion retailer approached the ‘I See A Different You’ trio to shoot a clothing range  – and model the clothing – for an advertising campaign.


Mukheli says the learning curve has been huge – “…when we took on the project with Markham’s we didn’t know anything about production, costs, lighting etc. They believed in us and gave us the opportunity and it was a success.” It was the Markham’s project that pushed them to identify the gap in the market and it has snowballed from there; they have since worked with Diesel, Coca Cola, Castle beer, the ANC political Party , amongst others.


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