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The latest campaign from FNB is the result of a call made on their blog to South Africans to send in their “You Can Help” stories. The campaign comes in the form of a series of video clips that will be shown on TV over the next 5 months. The first 6 of these clips will be airing this February. These stories illustrate how ordinary South Africans have helped to make a difference in the communities in which they live.


FNB has published over 170 special stories of help on their blog. The stories cover many challenges including unemployment, drug addiction, crime and even skills-transfer. This first 6-part series features:


Sharing Your Talents Can Help  (above)

Renowned pastry chef, Kelvin Joel and co-owner of the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School, started a Chefs Project last year to give troubled youth an opportunity to change their lives through cooking.


A Step In The Right Direction Can Help 




In 2009, a group of incredible women started the ‘SpreadLuv Movement’ which hosts career guidance days at schools around Gauteng and aims to help the youth of South Africa make informed decisions about their future.


Getting The Ball Rolling Can Help




Makgalema Thobela realized that he was far from old to help the children in his community.  He bought soccer balls, a kit and anything else needed from his own funds and put an under 15 team together called ‘Young Lions FC’.


Simple makeover can HELP 




Non-profit organisation’ Look Good…Feel Better’, aims to help women who face the trauma and stress of cancer by equipping them with tools that will help them face the world with pride and confidence.


The Dress Of Your Dreams Can Help




In 2006, Erica Pienaar and late Helga Leurs formed the ‘Princess Project’ – a project aimed at providing underprivileged girls with dresses for there matric farewell parties.


Building A Better Community Can Help 




Hands of Honour’ was formed by former policemen Paul Talliard who lost everything due to his drug addiction.  The NGO serves as a sanctuary that provides a warm daily mean and emotional support to those in need.


“The intent of the clips is to ‘honour’ all those South Africans who every day, in their own unique and very often small way, are making a very real difference to those around them. It is an embodiment of FNB’s belief that where there is HELP there is a way; and that HELP can lead the way in creating a better future for everyone in our country,” says Bernice Samuels, FNB Chief Marketing Officer.





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