Hangout: A conversation with Lukas Renlund about his project “Steal My Photograph”


Today we’re chatting to Lukas Renlund about his project, “Steal My Photograph!“, of which he says the following:


“I believe there is an Art Thief in every one of us. I am also of the opinion that art should be for everyone.


Over the past half year I have been taking my interactive outdoor exhibition on the road. With project “Steal My Photograph!” I aim to create an unforgettable experience for my audience. It is also a unique and fun way by which to market my photography for a worldwide audience.


I encourage people who pass my outdoor exhibitions to literally steal my work. In return, I ask the art thieves to take a picture of the place they later hung their stolen art and to share that picture with me. I then post these photos on Facebook and Twitter as well as on my website.


In addition to this I film each exhibit and edit the highlights into a two-minute video that I share on YouTube and Vimeo. You can find the “Steal My Photograph!” YouTube channel here. Previously I have visited Copenhagen, Barcelona and London with my project.”


The next “Steal My Photograph!” exhibition will be taking place in Cape Town on Thursday, 13th of March. Watch a teaser film for the upcoming CPT exhibit below:





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