Budget Insurance Stop-Motion TVCs | The Making Of



Am I Collective, The Jupiter Drawing Room, Killer Robot and Cosmesis teamed up to create the latest series of television commercials for Budget Insurance. They conceptualised and created stop-frame characters within an illustrated 3D environment, that takes us on short trip to explain different ways of saving money and beating the budget. This behind the scenes video shows just how complicated and laborious producing a stop-motion animation ad really is, but these guys manage to make it look fun!


See the full TVCs here.





Ruan Vermeulen | Director
Arnelle Woker and Leizel Thebus | Production
Arno Visser | Design & Illustration
Ryan de Carte
Gerardo Munoz | Dragon Frame Assistant



Stuart Gormley and Danielle Morrison | Client Service
Lauren Trevelyan | Production
Lucas van Vuuren | Creative
Jonathan Beggs | Creative
Jonathan Warncke | Creative



Adrian Berhoff CG Lead | Compositing
Matthew Lowry | Animation
Nathan Brown | Animation
Ruan Els and Renier Senekal | 3D Generalists
JC Malan | Rotoscoping
Kailyn Johnson | Compositing
Firoza Rahim | Production
Crispian Abbott | DOP
Ken Mehrtens | Motion Controller | Dragon Frame & motion control



Lindsay van Blerk | Stop Frame Animator



Clinton Aiden Smith | Puppet Fabrication Supervisor
Carmen Lotz | Workshop Co-ordinator
Gerald Clark | Sutherland Key Lab Technician and Mould Maker
Bongani Mambinja | Assistant Mould Maker
Chris a Grange | Assistant Mould Maker
Adrian Smith | Lead Prop Puppet Fabricator
Quinn Sutherland | Key Assistant Prop Puppet Fabricator
Dean van der Merwe | Assistant Prop Puppet Fabricator
Luke McDonald | Trainee Prop Puppet Fabricator
Melani Lourens | Lead Sculptor
Emily Long Lead | Scenic Artist
Daleen Badenhorst | Scenic Artist
Esnat Makute | Trainee
Kim Finaughty | Financial Controller
Hillary Jordaan | Administrator









  1. Amazing work guys! And nice to see all the effort that went into it.

  2. Question: Why would you take the time to make those characters and then shoot them from so far away? they just look cg now?

  3. You know you have skills when people think your stop motion is CG.

  4. The length of that credits list is terrifying. Could have been done with one animation director, one illustrator and two animatiors from the animation production company side using after effects instead of stop motion. A lot faster than stop motion too, and far more rapid to make client changes.

  5. Thank you Dylan V and Andrew for the positive feedback.

    There is a certain charm that comes with stop frame, that one does not necessarily get with CG, and seeing that Am I is a studio that prefers to do things by hand, we’ve decided to collaborate with the talented people from Cosmesis Prosthetic Studio to see what our characters would like look as actual puppets.

    Character animation through stop stopframe is a new medium for us, and we saw this project as a great opportunity to learn and explore. The agency felt the need not to go the traditional route as well, and supported our decision from pitch phase right to the end.

    Shooting a puppet in stop frame and doing the necessary work in post actually takes a lot less time than doing it all in CG.

    Hopefully there will be a second phase to the campaign, where more detailed shots of the characters will be required, which will really show the handcrafted quality of them, also the reason to create the puppets instead of 3D / 2D characters.

    As creatives we make choices to meet the deadline and work within budget, and hopefully, have something unique to be proud of, to enjoy the process and build relationships with different people, and enjoy the work as well.

  6. fair enough.

  7. very cool!