Out of Office: +27 Cafe

  IMG_3919   +27 Architects/Cafe in the heart of Hatfield, Pretoria is a beautifully designed multi-functional space which has long been a favourite among local creatives. +27 is owned by brothers Riaan and Hardus Visser, and opened in September 2008 when they decided to bridge the gap between an office, a gallery and a cafe.   The space now incorporates +27 Architects and +27 Cafe, and functions as a coffee shop and informal outdoor co-working office, which regularly invites young and upcoming artists, designers and makers to exhibit their work in the space. They chose the spot that hosts +27 because it’s central, vibrant and unconventional- just like their concept for it.   IMG_3871  
The aim for +27 is to create a platform of opportunity for local, up-and-coming creatives to work, hang-out and showcase what they produce, and for this to be achieved it is important that young people are exposed to fresh new possibilities in the realm of design. – Riaan Visser
  IMG_3911 IMG_3874   Riaan Visser developed the branding for +27, and together with Hardus, a structural engineer, they designed and constructed +27 themselves.  Riaan explains that +27’s spatial organisation is specifically designed to encourage spontaneous social interaction between people.   Rumor has it that +27’s barista, Alban Batza’s coffee is the best on the block. He only uses Ethiopian beans sourced from local roastery Abrue’s CoffeeChef William Khune’s Mini Gourmet Burgers, made with homemade buns, beef patties, bacon, cheese and +27’s signature relish, paired with their Pean-Choc Milkshake (Yep, that’s Nutella, peanut butter and ice-cream) is a favourite among the regulars and staff. Also check out their Soda Bar, which offers the most incredible array of flavours you’ll find north of the Vaal. Riaan told us that the White Chocolate and Cherry Plum are most popular.   IMG_3876   Visit them at 525 Duncan Road Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm, and Saturday from 8am – 2pm.   Like them on Facebook or follow @plus27café on Twitter to keep up.   IMG_3860 IMG_3865 IMG_3862 IMG_3917 IMG_3889 IMG_3879 IMG_3902 IMG_3896  

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