Cape Town Love, an App Celebrating the Mother City

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Megan and Mike Gilger are a married couple who have a design studio called Wild Measure and run a blog called The Fresh Exchange. Towards the end of last year they paid a visit to Cape Town, where, much to our delight, they found themselves inspired. So much so that during their stay they built an app called Cape Town Love in collaboration with the folks at Over – in only 24 hours.


About the app, Megan and Mike say the following:


The app was inspired by the city we had been working in for the past 6 days, and we wanted to develop something that did not just offer another pack of graphics, but meant far more. We wanted to find a way to celebrate the Mother City, and to help encourage people to discover the beauty that we have found in this place.”


Working together with Over, Megan and Mike set themselves the challenge of conceptualising, designing and coding an iPhone app from the ground up in a single day. And that’s exactly what they did!


The resulting app allows the user to add handcrafted, city-inspired artwork (created by Megan) to photographs of Cape Town – encouraging mobile creatives to explore Cape Town and travel to its most recognized landmarks.


It’s a fantastic tool that enhances one’s experience of, and appreciation for, our incredibly beautiful city of Cape Town. A city which – currently holding the much deserved title of World Design Capital 2014 – is so worth celebrating.


Download the Cape Town Love app here.


All image credits to Megan and Mike Gilger.


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