Out of Office: Ginger and Fig



IT guru-cum-chef, Zane Figueiredo, is the man behind Pretoria’s ethical artisanal eatery, Ginger and Fig. He opened this spot on the 8th March 2013, and just a year later it’s a firm favourite among locals.


Having grown up in Pretoria, Zane jumped at it when a space on the corner of two of the busiest streets openend up. “I loved the strip mall look and simplicity of the centre”, he explains. He teamed up with Katherine Ghyoot Jolleye from KA-AD Architecture and Design and Mia Widlake from Studio Number 19, who designed the interior. The open plan layout of Ginger and Fig shows off the kitchen, and encourages interaction among diners and the chefs, which adds to the homey, comfortable feel and flow in the space.





The name is made up from Zane’s two nicknames: Ginger, thanks to his fiery red hair (and personality), and Fig is short for his tongue-twister Portuguese surname. The menu is just as mouthwatering as the name. Zane is the head chef, and he encourages his co-chefs to experiment with flavours and recipes, and the results won’t disappoint. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here. The burgers are a must-try, especially paired with a cup of Doubleshot Coffee, roasted in Braamfontein, topped off with a slice of cake- for creative motivation, of course.




Visit them at Shop no 5, Brooklyn Centre, Jan Shoba Street, Pretoria on Monday – 7am to 5:30pm, Tuesday to Friday – 6am to 9pm and Saturday 7am to 3pm.


Catch them on Twitter, Facebook or on their website to keep up.







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