r1 ‘Yield’ – A Street Art Piece in Braamfontein


Street artist r1 produces urban interventions to transform city spaces and create new visual alternatives. His latest piece, ‘Yield’, is based on the common yield street sign. Installed in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, the artwork consists of a street pole set into the sidewalk. A hundred yield signs take over the wall behind it. The aim of the project is to use street art to uplift and improve the city’s alleyways.


r1 says, “The heart of Johannesburg remains a mystery for many. The aim of the project was to encourage visitors and citizens to engage more actively with its swarming life and creative activities that keep transforming the city.  This piece is based on the familiar yield street sign that we find in every other road to indicate that we must “give way” to another. It is interesting that yield also means “to produce” which becomes relevant in the city context. This tension between being productive and giving way exists in every city, and bustling Johannesburg is a good example of it.  This piece illustrates that these two seemingly opposite forces are in fact symbiotic; both embodied in the symbol of the yield sign.”


Find more of r1’s work at r1r1r1.net or more about him in our previous feature.



YIELD, Braamfontein

Street Art, Braamfontein

r1 'Yield'






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