Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ | The Cape Town Remake


A group of 5 Cape Town filmmakers were so inspired by the music video for Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’ from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack that they’ve created their very own fantastic Cape Town version. Staying true to the original video, dubbed the world’s first 24 hour music video, the local team too took on and nailed the challenge to make their video in just one day. With no budget.


Starting at 6am on Muizenberg beach and wrapping at 10pm in Long Street, the crew captured dancers and the general public dancing to ‘Happy’ all over Cape Town. The result is an infectious good mood.


The producer of the video, Nicki Priem, told eTV, “We are the most amazing city in the world! I think it was important for us to showcase the Mother City’s diversity and beautiful people. We all love the song and the message it portrays and I think the video helps unite our city. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents and the city.”




Directed by: Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods
Produced by: Nicki Priem
D.O.P: Roscoe Vercueil
Editor: Stephen du Plessis
Colorists: Roscoe Vercueil & Stephen du Plessis



MoVi Unit: Sky-Lab Productions
Special Thanks to Nicholas Doble & the Panavision Cape Town Team.
Special Thanks to the People of Cape Town.


Inspired by Pharrell Williams
Written and Produced by Pharrell Williams


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Happy Cape Town

Happy Cape Town

Happy Cape Town

Happy Cape Town

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