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Kira Levy is a young jewellery designer from Cape Town who took part in this year’s Design Indaba as part of the Emerging Creatives programme. Her first collection which consists of unique pieces, all that are silver and pink, captured the attention of many with its distinct but simplistic look. The essence of Kira’s work so far has been to interpret the effect of light as it passes through objects and the juxtaposition of what one can see and what is hidden. Her pieces show a particular fascination with the interplay between resin and silver and how the light in the resin reveals and conceals the secret silver inclusions within.


We asked Kira to let us know more:


Please tell us more about yourself:

Having studied four years of Jewellery Design and Metal work, I have just surfaced! I am currently working in a lovely studio in Muizenberg where I am left to my own devices to create. I am passionate about contemporary jewellery, working with my hands, creating and developing interesting pieces.


When did you start to get interested in jewellery and design?

I grew up in a very creative environment where both my parents ran a screen printing and textiles business. So from a very young age my hands have always been painting, sculpting and moulding. I have always enjoyed being creative, and so to study jewellery design was really up my alley.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration is never far away, but I find myself most inspired when experimenting with new and old material. The more I ‘push’ a material, new and magical things begin to happen. I am most productive and inspired during the creative process. Being able to fiddle around, play with materials and problem solve technicalities is what informs the process of creating.


How did light become a theme or inspiration behind your work?

As the work developed I began to interpret the various metaphors relating to concealment, secrecy and growth, manifesting into a combination of negative and positive spaces, vessels, husks, shells and secret chambers. Through the metaphors, my focus has been on light, and the lack thereof, the interplay of positive and negative space as well as what is ‘hidden’ or obscured within.


What was being part of Design Indaba like for you and your brand?

This was my first time exhibiting at Design Indaba, and being part of the Emerging Creatives Programme. Not only was it exhilarating being there and representing my work, the energy on the expo floor was amazing, I was able to engage with other young designers who are in similar positions, but was also in the midst of established designers who were more than happy to have a conversation. Looking back at Design Indaba, I feel more confident in my work and feel like I have a clearer vision of what I want to achieve. It has been great exposure, and people who I didn’t think would relate to the work I do – did. This was also an eye-opener. It also showed me that networking is a key element, and it was overwhelming to meet so many great people.


If you could pair your jewellery with a fashion designer, who would it be?

I would pair my jewellery collection with Stella McCartney’s Spring 2014 collection. She creates beautifully simple silhouettes, which are sophisticated, feminine and bold. I like the way in which she plays with revealing the body with the use or lack of opaque fabrics and sheer fabrics. Her use of line and texture appeals to me, and I think our work would be complementary.


Where do you see your jewellery line in the future?

Ideally I would like to see my jewellery in boutique/gallery style stores both nationally and internationally, and it would be great to have my own manufacturing and design studio. I  want to keep on creating fresh and exciting work within the contemporary jewellery sphere.




Kira Levy

Kira Levy

Clear Ring

Bud Ring

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Kira Levy

Kira Levy

Kira Levy




Kira Levy


Cape Town

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