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Haezer ‘Minted’ Music Video



The music video for Haezer’s track, Minted, was released last week – directed by Wim Steytler in hijacked and abandoned buildings in the Joburg CBD.


In the video we see a crazy Afro-punk character nicknamed ‘Hero’ and a voodoo sorcerer character named ‘The Rat Catcher’ work together as African superheroes, fighting for the oppressed and marginalized.


This concept came about as a result of a photography project Wim had begun months before shooting the actual video. Using the spaces as his studios, Wim works with the people living in these derelict buildings as his characters – deliberately not taking a documentary angle, but rather, choosing to intervene and set up moments. In this way, the work moves into the territory of surrealism or magic realism.


The characters which appear in the music video are inspired by two of these stills. In fact, it was while he was busy editing these that Wim first heard Minted, and immediately knew that a song so cinematic and epic needed a big story. “It carries this sense of thrilling urgency,” he says, “and it actually helped me write the story when I looked at the stills.”


On the underlying meaning of his concept, Wim remarks that “Xenophobia is still such a huge problem in Johannesburg, especially in these buildings. So I chose to centre the story on the oppression of the Somalian community in South Africa. Some South Africans feel threatened by Somalians economically and therefore target them in xenophobic attacks. I feel strongly that much more awareness needs to be raised around this issue.”


Minted is taken from the EP ‘Gold Plated Frequencies’ out on TASTY Records.




Directed by: Wim Steytler

DOP: Peter Tischhauser and Chris Vermaak

Steadycam OP: Chris Vermaak

Art Director & Wardrobe: Sue Steele

Executive Producer: Gary King

Producer: Johnny Mabeba

Editor: Wim Steytler

Animation: BFX Studios

Post Production Facility: Bladeworks

Procution Company: Picture Tree


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.31.02 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.30.50 AM


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