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No1 Cucumber

Evige | Pure Swiss Essence Water by & Anonymous


Ideas company & Anonymous created, branded and launched a new product during SA Fashion Week recently called Evige Pure Swiss Essence Water. The product is made with Happy Water™ and lightly flavoured with all-natural extract imported from Switzerland to taste like cucumber, coconut or chocolate. & Anonymous were influential throughout the product’s development from flavour creation through to positioning, packaging and eventual marketing.


It was decided to position the brand as more of a fashion product than a bottled water, which influenced every creative decision made along the way. In keeping with their business practice of recruiting the best freelance team for whichever job they find themselves tasked with, & Anonymous assembled the ultimate fashion team to work on Evige.


The team, who worked on various elements of the product and campaign from brand creation to go-to-market strategy, included Berlin-based brand strategist from The Adventures Of, Sophie Mayer; concept & design duo Jana + Koos; fashion photographer Ross Garrett; Fashion Director at Marie Claire SA, Sharon Becker-Armstrong; clothing designers Cult Collective and Trevor Mitchell from Capsule Projects.


The fashion direction behind the brand is evident from the beautiful packaging through to the campaign videos which take inspiration from casting videos through to the Instagram account sharing behind-the-runway snaps. An excellent fit for SA Fashion Week, Evige became the official beverage of the event.



No1 Cucumber No2 Coconut No3 Chocolate


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