Labello Electric Kiss | FCB and Hellocomputer



Hellocomputer and FCB Johannesburg collaborated on this, literally, electrifying activation for Labello.


At a party at MOAD in Jeppestown on Valentine’s Day, couples were invited to close an electric circuit by locking lips. The electricity transmitted through them lit up the night sky with a giant neon heart, a light display and confetti.


In more detail:


In each of the hands of the couple was a wire, which when the couple kissed, conducted a small current from the one, through the couple via the lips and out the other wire, effectively turning the kissing couple into a switch.  This small current was then amplified and fed into a microcontroller that registered this boosted current input as a ‘kiss’ and then proceeded to trigger the lighting desk. All the lighting effects were controlled from this central lightning desk, which was activated by the kissing couple.


Executive Creative Director of FCB Johannesburg, Jonathan Deeb, said, “A hunger to do things differently and brave clients are the ingredients needed for experimental projects like these. Creating unique experiences that give people meaningful ways to connect with brands is our responsibiliy as marketers today, and they require a different approach. What started as an outlandish idea and prototype in December were the seeds of this magical installation that had people queueing to witness just how poweful their kiss could be.”




Client: Beiersdorf AG | Labello | Brand manager: Lara Jourdan
Agency: Hellocomputer and FCB Johannesburg
Joint Executive Creative Directors: Kerry Friend (ECD Hellocomputer), Mark Tomlinson (Group ECD Hellocomputer), Jonathan Deeb (ECD FCB Johannesburg), Simon Spreckley (ECD Hellocomputer)
Creative Technologist (ideation and technology): Nathan Gates
Designer: Matthew Hart
Junior Designer: MW van der Walt
Videographers and animators: Grant Campbell, Dillan Fuller
External collaborator: Artist Jenna Burchell
Creative Production – Events and Activations – FCB Johannesburg: Ginny Daly


Between 10 and 5