King of Flavour Online Whisky Profiler by Johnnie Walker



A new campaign by King James for Johnnie Walker introduces an interactive online whisky profiler guiding users, with the help of Executive Chef David Higgs, to discover their taste profile. In light of the recently trending 16Personalities test and the “Which City Should You Live In?” type quizzes currently captivating people’s online down time on Buzzfeed, the profiler launches with perfect timing.


Users are guided through various steps where they are asked to choose a mood, environment, flavours, aromas and servings to suit their taste, helped along by luxurious visuals by Narrative Truth. These elements have been based on a deconstruction of the Johnnie Walker flavours translated into molecular gastronomy by David Higgs, SA’s Top Chef of 2013.


The results reveal a personalised Johnnie Walker flavour match and suggestions for food pairings.


Once users have identified their match they receive a special offer voucher on their next purchase of Johnnie Walker and a chance to win tickets to the exclusive King Of Flavour Experience for themselves and three friends. Taking place at Shine Studios in Braamfontein on 22 and 23 May 2014, the King Of Flavour Experience will take guests on a physical flavour journey, travelling through a series of interconnected rooms to experience the flavours of Johnnie Walker such as spice, smoke and honey. Executive Chef David Higgs has developed 15 unique expressions of these flavours disguised in different foods for guest to taste.


DJ Fresh, Jeannie D, Mokena Makeka and Bob Skinstad introduce the campaign in the video above.




Agency: King James Group
Celebrity stills: Michael and Nick
Celebrity video: Tin Toy Productions
Food photography and video: Narrative Truth




King of Flavour

Select 1 Mood

King of Flavour

Select 3 Flavours

King of Flavour

Select 3 Aromas

King of Flavour

Select 1 Environment

King of Flavour

Select 1 Serving

King of Flavour





A recent addition to the campaign is the interactive and mobile Flavour Profiler which will be bringing the online profiler to life at an event in Braamfontein on 16 and 17 July. Similarly to the online version, the Johnnie Walker Flavour Profiler takes tasters through a series of flavours, scents and sounds to create a profile of their unique whisky preferences based on the user’s current mood. Sensors in the box register the selection and with a final press of a button the Johnnie Walker blend most suited to the individual is revealed from behind a mirrored panel.




Flavour Profiler




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