Openings This Week: JHB | Fashion Meets Art, a Solo Show of ‘Selfshots’ and Two Group Shows

In this week’s art openings fashion meets art for a collaboration between two boundary-breaking dames of their respective fields and Hentie van der Merwe reappropriates strangers’ self-portraits taken in mirrors through his series ‘Selfshots’. We also see an African film and video exhibition, a group exhibition devoted a cause, and another to showcasing the wonders of the universe.


Thursday 1 May 2014


D-VOTE, a group exhibition at the RBXCB Gallery




As the country is caught up in the humdrum of elections and politicians are devoting themselves to the ideals of the masses, RBXCB presents D-VOTE: a group exhibition with works by Frederick Clarke, Imogen Clarke and Thokozani Madonsela. The exhibition is not about politics as you might expect, but rather about devolting oneself to an idea and then doing something proactive about it – something which the exhibiting artists can attest to doing every day.


RBXCB Gallery, Arts on Main

More info here



The Whitman Independent in association with the Ithuba Arts Fund present an African film and video exhibition.


Ithuba Arts


The Whitman Independent in association with the Ithuba Arts Gallery are pleased to invite you to the next installment in an ongoing series of contemporary independent Africa film and video art exhibits exploring the ever expansive and rapidly developing African lens.

The sessions, consisting of various screenings, content discussions & live audio visual performances, provides a voyage into low-budget progressive filmmaking in emerging African states with concentration on investigating methods of production, narrative context and the socio-political dynamics that influence storytelling in fringe African Cinema.

With this instalment of screenings showcasing new works from various filmmakers operating in the nations of Madagascar, South Africa, Algeria and Tunisia,  The Whitman African Film & Video exhibition provides an intimate portrait of the contemporary African low-fi cinema and the filmmakers who contribute to it’s consciousness.


See the programme here.

Ithuba Arts Gallery, Braamfontein
(Limited seating available)



Friday 2 May 2014


Nail Her, a collaboration between Frances Goodman and Suzaan Heyns




 In Nail Her, Goodman uses one of fashion’s ultimate feminine accessories – the false nail, which she layers and overlaps to create form, movement, pattern and structure. The artist is interested in false nails as an expendable extension of the body – and has
counteracted this by using the nails not to extend the body, but through emphasising size and shape to create bodily forms. Goodman’s interest in the metaphor of false nails as scales, skin and armour, and the obvious links to fashion and clothing has
manifested in this distinctive collaboration with avant-garde fashion
designer Suzaan Heyns. Having a sculptural sentiment in her design aesthetic, Suzaan
explores sculpture in its entirety whilst in a fashion context.


The Goodman Gallery, Parkwood


More info here.



Soft Serve presents: The Wonders of the Universe vol. 1




Maaike Bakker and Nina Torr have begun a creative platform called Soft Serve and are hosting their first group exhibition at Wolves called The Wonders of the Universe Vol. 1. Each illustrator was asked to create a chart based on their interpretation of what the Wonders of the Universe are.

The show will feature work by Bruce Mackay, Justin Southey, Ello, Jean de Wet, Nina Torr, Gerhard Van Wyk, Rikus Ferreira, Karabo Moletsane, Sonia Dearling, Mieke van der Merwe, Morne Venter, Werner Burger, Mega Bonanza, Lize-Marie Dreyer, Amber Smith and Maaike Bakker.


Wolves, Illovo

More info here



Saturday 3 May 2014


Selfshots by Hentie van der Merwe


'Selfshots' by Hentie van der Merwe


Each image in Hentie van der Merwe’s series Selfshots is a face that has been produced by means of an elaborate process of appropriation, reflection and manipulation.

Creating the images began began with countless hours spent on the internet, looking through cellphone-photographs that people have taken of their own reflections in private mirrors. Saving the ones he was particularly intrigued by, van der Merwe corrected the colours, isolated the faces by cropping and printed the images using a desktop printer. Hereafter, each photograph was suspended by hand in front of a flexible mirror and their reflection was re-photographed onto transparency film (which van der Merwe further manipulated during processing). Thus, the process both as a physical act and metaphorical gesture, is important to the concept of the series.


Circa Gallery, 2 Jellicoe Ave

More info here



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