WarChild, a Short Film Directed by I See A Different You



WarChild is a short documentary film which tells the story of Rofhiwa Maemu, a Soweto born boxer who is overcoming his challenges in order to pursue his passion.


The up-and-coming boxer was first discovered by the I See A Different You trio – Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha – who would often see him running in their neighbourhood. One day they stopped Maemu to find out if there was anything they could do to help him, which is when they learned about his love for the sport of boxing. Because of his relentless dedication Maemu now ranks in the top 10 nationally, and it’s clear that he doesn’t intend to stop there.


I See A Different You have a passion for uplifting their own and they realised that Maemu’s story was one that needed to be told. With Justice as director, Neil Roberts and his production company also came on board to produce WarChild which was created with a 60-90 second commercial in mind. For more insight into the process see the behind the scenes video on Adlip.




Director: I See A Different You
Cinematography: Devin Toselli
Producer: Neil Roberts
Post Production: Left Post
Editor: Julian Redpath
Online/Grade: Keno
Music: Clare Vandueler
Final Mix: Frqncy
Audio Engineer: Tymon Smith
Voice: Innocent Mukheli
Warchild: Rofhiwa Maemu
Camera by Panavision
Lights by Panalux
Filmed on Alexa
Stylist: Ongama Zazayokwe
Grip/Gaffer: Gerrit Van Zyl
Camera Assistant: Nadia Terblanche


WarChild, a film by I See A Different You (2)


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