A ‘Vote NSPCA’ Campaign by The Hardy Boys



These whimsical ‘Support the NSPCA’ posters popped-up on lamp posts all around Durban today, just one day before the 2014 general elections. It turns out that local advertising agency The Hardy Boys created the posters on behalf of the NSPCA to raise awareness around animal welfare. They cleverly added matching posters onto to the bottom of the election posters of various political parties.


The animal welfare organisation’s spokesperson Christine Kuch explained: “Elections are generally a time when South Africans reflect on issues that are important to them. Our aim with this campaign is to remind voters that the welfare of all animals should be one of those issues.”


While this campaign might be tagging onto the upcoming elections, the aim of the campaign is not to urge voters to boycott the elections. “We believe everyone who is eligible to vote should exercise that right. But as they cast their votes we hope they spare a thought for the millions of animals who don’t have a voice,” says Christine Kuch. She also highlighted that the NSPCA was not endorsing any political party, but it hopes that more parties include the welfare of all animals on their election manifestos in future.


“Jobs, economic empowerment and the environment are tremendously important issues. But we believe strongly that how a nation treats its animals is as important. It’s a measure of the country’s maturity and compassion,” Kuch said.


Support the NSPCA by checking out their fundraising efforts on their website and Facebook.


See more work from The Hardy Boys on their website.







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