Nedbank Savvy Rainy Day Billboard



We’ve all heard the expression “save for a rainy day”. Nedbank took this literally for the latest installment of their ‘Savvy’ save for a rainy day marketing campaign. Nedbank with the help of Joe Public and UK-based Aquascript have set up an interactive billboard, the first of its kind in South Africa, at the Sandton City forecourt. The billboard uses water to emulate a rainy day. Anyone can send a text to the billboard giving examples of what ‘rainy day’ they are saving for. The words of the consumers’ rainy days are displayed as cascading raindrops as soon as their text is sent, as can be seen in the video above. Whether your ‘rainy day’ is a new camera, lobola, university fees, a new house or a car, you can take part in the fun of bringing to life the concept of saving for a rainy day.




Joe Public
Aquascript (UK)


Save for Lobola


Saving for a wedding