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Openings This Week: CT | Pecha Kucha, A Pop-up Cartoon Exhibition and First Thursdays

It’s the first week of May and Cape Town is celebrating with Pecha Kucha Vol. 28, First Thursdays, a pop-up Cartoon exhibition and a bunch of solo shows. Here are all the details:


Tuesday, 6 May


Pecha Kucha Vol. 28 happens at The Assembly




PechaKucha draws its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat”. It was started as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It has however, turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring people worldwide.


The presentation format is based on a simple idea: 20 images displayed for 20 seconds each whilst the presenter talks you through it. It is a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things interesting. It forces people to reduce, to clear their minds and think about what is relevant. It is amazing how much you can put across in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town from 7pm – 9:15pm.


Head over to for more info, or find Pecha Kucha on Twitter or Facebook.



Another Day by Melanie Cleary opens at Erdmann Contemporary





 I have always been interested in capturing the other, those on the fringes of society, those who would usually be over-looked or ignored, the marginalized. Similarly, I find my projects and inspiration at unexpected moments and places, unsolicited and unplanned. Another Day shares a similar genesis, the project found me. This time, inspiration presented itself in the form of undated, black and white contact sheet prints framed and installed in the foyer of one of the oldest special needs children’s homes in South Africa.

It was an inspiration and simultaneously a challenge. Working in black and white film was a departure; it required a different working mode and lacked the convenience and instant gratification of the digital camera. I wanted to interrogate and illustrate the classicism of the medium, capture the personality of each of these children, and reflect their unencumbered youthful spirit.



84 Kloof Street, Cape Town at 6pm.


See the Facebook Event for more info.



Thursday, 8 May (A.K.A First Thursdays)


Windows, an exhibition of  collaborative work by Black Koki, Ello and Jean de Wet opens at Black Box Gallery




52 Church Street at 6pm.


See the Facebook Event for more info.



Derek Bauer Pop-up Exhibition opens on Heritage Square





Derek Bauer is considered one of South Africa’s greatest political cartoonist of all time. Almost two decades since his final works, his art is finally being brought back to life by the collaborative efforts of Derek Bauer Estate Editions (“DBEE”), the University of Cape Town (“UCT”), various art curators and artists.


Heritage Square (inner courtyard), corner of Shortmarket and Bree Street from 5pm.



Con/Struct, a solo exhibition by Justin Plunkett opens at The Cabinet




Con/Struct is an exploration into the themes of empowerment and imagination. Plunkett, using his own photography, has created new juxtaposed environments that encourage questioning and exploration: inviting the debate around how marketing-induced aspiration and perceived value can empower but can also corrupt, how it can create beauty and can be perverse at the same time. At the core of his work, he honours and applauds ingenuity and the creative spirit.


The Cabinet, 64A Wale Street, Cape Town.



Two solo exhibitions jointly titled Traces, by South African born sculptor Ledelle Moe and Baltimore-based Miranda Pfeiffer opens at Commune 1



Husk l detail


Moe’s monumental cement and steel sculptures situate the viewer in a preternatural relationship to her subjects due to scale and by shifting the conventional axis of the form. Miranda Pfeiffer’s large-scale drawings, rendered in painstaking detail with the fine tip of a mechanical pencil, capture moments and locations with dramatic implication.


Form, scale and material are, in a positivist sense, indications of the conditions and limits of nature and human existence: what things can look like, the size to which they can grow, how they move and how they rest. Both artists ask us to consider a different set of rules, allowing imagination and mythology to intervene.


Commune 1 at 64 Wale Street from 5pm.


Go here for more info.



Deep Chine, an exhibition of new paintings by Peter Eastman opens at SMAC


Peter Eastman


Deep Chine contains a variety of works ranging from large-scale, dark interiors to metallic chrome works, signature silhouettes and the new atmospheric, contemplative and ambient forestscapes – from which the exhibition takes its title. A ‘chine’ is a steep sided river valley, through which a river flows to the sea, softly eroding cliffs of sandstone. It is in a constant state of change due to erosion from landslides, as the walls of the chine, being steep and made of sandstone are naturally unstable. Deep Chine is also the name of Eastman’s family farm (belonging to his late grandfather), which he has visited every year since his childhood and, contrary to the implications of its name,  represents a constant for the artist who has lived in different parts of the country and abroad.


In-Fin Art Building, Cnr of Buitengracht & Buitensingel St, Cape Town at 6pm.


Go here for more info.



Appearances, an exhibition of new paintings by Michael Saal opens at The Pit




The things you miss when you’re looking at the colour of skin.


The Pit at Clarke’s, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town from 5pm – 9pm.


See the Facebook Event for more info.



Animata by Oliver Barnett opens at Ebony


Adornment 100 x 100 cm framed


Oliver Barnett’s compelling, unique and intriguing photographs of nature ask us various questions. They invite us to explore and experience the world around us, offering a personal, detailed and kaleidoscopic view of a hidden, jewel like world. This is Oliver’s journey.


Ebony at 67 Loop Street from 5pm – 9pm.


Go here for more info.



Saturday, 10 May


Lucent, A joint exhibition by Vanessa Berlein and Francois Irvine opens at Art in the Yard


Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.30.11 AM


An exhibition showcasing a body of mixed medium works dealing with the exploration of spatial abstraction within the landscape of our individual worlds. Interpretations of the relationship between form, light, shape and colour.


The Yard, 38 Huguenot Street, Franchhoek from 11am – 4pm.


Go here for more info.



Monday, 12 May


Soft Walls, an exhibition by Sydelle Willow Smith opens at The AVA Gallery


©SydelleWillowSmith_SoftWalls_ Bus to Grabouw


Soft Walls seeks to deal with convivial relationships between migrated African nationals and South Africans; revealing the subtle ways in which individuals make sense of their experiences; forming relationships and bonds that can challenge dominant perceptions wherein difference is celebrated and prejudices towards “foreign” Africans are perpetuated.


Go here for more info.


35 Church Street.



Human Zoo by Anya Adendorff opens at The AVA Gallery




Drawing from her experience of architecture, Anya Adendorff’s, Human Zoo represents her view of the urban masses and their seemingly pointless en devours on the backdrop of a greedy and rushed city. With a frenzied over-crowding of the canvas, Adendorff makes subtle references to society’s manic over-consumption and wastage.


Go here for more info.


35 Church Street.



Between 10 and 5