FNB ‘One Day of Freedom’ TVC



Aired for the first time yesterday – voting day in South Africa – this commercial for First National Bank is a heart-warming tribute to those who cast their first votes in 1994 and now pass their legacy of freedom and democracy to a new generation. Twenty years on, the 2014 elections was the first time ‘born frees’ were of age to vote.


FNB Chief Marketing Officer, Bernice Samuels, had this to say,  “Our values are personified in everything we do and believe in the value of freedom. While we focus on continually reinvigorating the power of ‘HELP’, our objective is to encourage every South African to celebrate their ‘one day of freedom’ and honour our country’s 20 years of democracy. We hope that every South African will join us in celebrating this momentous achievement by living every day as if it’s their first day of freedom, and do something wonderful with it.”


South Africans are invited to share their celebration of freedom stories by using the hashtag #celebratefreedom on Twitter and Instagram




Credits: MetropolitanRepublic




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