Cape Times Print Campaign | Dalai Lama, Nkandla and Robben Island

Cape Times Print Campaign | Dalai Lama


A new print campaign by Lowe & Partners CT for the Cape Times draws on significant examples from our nation’s history to paint a picture of how things might have been. The copy reads: “Imagine how things could’ve turned out if we’d all been better informed.”


Making up the campaign are three doctored photographs – one featuring the Dalai Lama in conversation with Jacob Zuma, another envisioning a wine estate on Robben Island and the last showing what a security upgrade at Nkandla could have looked like.


Cape Times Print Campaign | Robben Island

Cape Times Print Campaign | Nkandla




Cape Times ‘Dalai Lama / Nkandla / Robben Island’

Agency: Lowe & Partners CT

Executive creative director: Kirk Gainsford

Creatice director: Alistair Morgan

Art director: Bruce Harris

Writer: Alistair Morgan


Between 10 and 5