On The Spot | The Four Finalists – FoxP2, Black River FC, Y&R, FCB




In March the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) launched their On The Spot campaign challenging ad agencies to make braver and better radio ads. Ten top agencies participated to attempt to break the rules of radio advertising and the judges whittled down the contestants to four finalists: FoxP2, Black River FC, Y&R and FCB. As the judges decide on a winner, here are the top four results.




FoxP2 in Cape Town has generated massive amounts of free media for their client, Ster-Kinekor. Part radio, part live activation, their idea demonstrates how radio can be used to showcase the power of Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Justin Gomes, ECD of FoxP2 says, “We were nervous sending our writer into the dragon’s den with Jenny Glover and Mark Fisher, but he emerged relatively unscathed and I think radio will be the better for it. Seeing the response on social media already is an indicator of how digital and radio can work together to create something new and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”


Black River FC


Black River FC showcases their own creative prowess by accepting radio briefs on live radio. And the pièce de résistance: the commercial is created completely live on air. Founder Ahmed Tilley says, “The RAB competition was initially met with cynicism when I put it to the creatives. It turned out to be one of the most fun, most collaborative and enjoyable projects in the studio. Certainly one of our best pieces for the year. But more importantly, it got us excited about radio again. So, thank you.”






Young & Rubicam pulled out all the stops with an idea that makes the radio ad part of the song you’re listening to. Rui Alves, ECD of Y&R says, “The RAB competition was an ambitious adrenalin rush that involved running across a finish line with innovative radio ideas that had no chance of being over-thought or fussed with.”






Jonathan Deeb, ECD of FCB South Africa and his creative team came up with an ingenious idea that mixed clever media buying and a strong product benefit. Deeb says, “We welcomed the RAB #OnTheSpot initiative, to break those boundaries and breathe some life into the way we approach this wonderful storytelling medium. Our Lexus commercials were strategically placed in-between the commercials of unrelated brands during the same ad break – much like the Adaptive Lights we were advertising, the ads literally showed you what was coming your way before you got there. We’re happy to be amongst the 4 finalists!”




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UPDATE: The winner has been announced, congratulations to FCB.



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