‘Gravity – a Visual Exploration’ at Salon 91



Gravity is an all-female illustration and multidisciplinary exhibition. Each exploring their own interpretation of the natural phenomenon that is gravity, the show features work by Dani Loureiro, Cassandra Leigh Johnson, Maaike Bakker, Nina Torr, Mariette Bergh and Tess Metcalf.


Utilizing a broad range of materials, the artists play with the idea of opposing gravity, defying it and also being fascinated by it. Thus, the group intends to explore the polarities of destruction, inversion and attraction.


Gravity is showing at Salon 91 in Kloof street until Saturday, 24 May 2014. View a selection of work from the exhibition below:


Nina Torr, 'Whale on Rock'
Nina Torr, ‘Whale on Rock’
Nina Torr, 'Little Buck'
Nina Torr, ‘Little Buck’
Nina Torr, 'Cloud Burst'
Nina Torr, ‘Cloud Burst’
Nina Torr, installation view
Nina Torr, installation view
Dani Loureiro, '55th Street'
Dani Loureiro, ’55th Street’
Dani Loureiro, 'Sink Below The Surf'
Dani Loureiro, ‘Sink Below The Surf’
Dani Loureiro, 'Up In Smoke'
Dani Loureiro, ‘Up In Smoke’
Dani Loureiro, 'It's a Long Way Down'
Dani Loureiro, ‘It’s a Long Way Down’
Dani Loureiro, installation view
Dani Loureiro, installation view
Maaike Bakker, 'Srtucture'
Maaike Bakker, ‘Srtucture’
Maaike Bakker, 'Stucture II'
Maaike Bakker, ‘Stucture II’
Maaike Bakker, 'Hot as Day'
Maaike Bakker, ‘Hot as Day’
Maaike Bakker, installation view
Maaike Bakker, installation view
Mariette Bergh, 'Starling Flight'
Mariette Bergh, ‘Starling Flight’
Mariette Bergh, 'Like Wind I Go'
Mariette Bergh, ‘Like Wind I Go’
Mariette Bergh, 'The Needle That Sews the World Together'
Mariette Bergh, ‘The Needle That Sews the World Together’
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, 'Under the Weather'
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, ‘Under the Weather’
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, 'Balloon Friends'
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, ‘Balloon Friends Frenchie’
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, 'What Goes Up Must Come Down'
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, ‘What Goes Up Must Come Down’
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, installation view
Cassandra Leigh Johnson, installation view
Tess Metcalf, 'In the Night Sky'
Tess Metcalf, ‘In the Night Sky’
Tess Metcalf, 'Fire in the Night'
Tess Metcalf, ‘Fire in the Night’
Tess Metcalf, 'Columbia'
Tess Metcalf, ‘Columbia’
Tess Metcalf, installation view
Tess Metcalf, installation view
Salon 91 window
Salon 91, gallery window\



Salon 91


Cape Town


Salon 91

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