Fort Rixon's InAWE Residency

Presenting: Fort Rixon at the InAWE Residency



Together with InAWE Stays we’ve just launched an InAWE Residency Programme, in celebration of Cape Town’s reign of World Design Capital in 2014! We’re inviting eight local creatives to stay at InAWE Stays, a beautiful historic house in the centre of the Mother City with four self-catering cottages and the most ridiculous views of the mountain. During their Residency, each artist will create a unique piece inspired by the city and their stay here. Nokia is providing a Lumia 1520 for the artists to use during their stay, with which they’ll document their experience.


First up is Fort Rixon, an artist and purveyor of hand rendered afrographics with 21 visas, 3 passports, one foot in Europe and one foot in Africa. He’s got some pretty interesting stories to tell, and he used his time at the InAWE Residency to create Stand Fast, a piece that tells the story of the HMS Birkenhead shipwreck.


In February 1852, the HMS Birkenhead was shipwrecked at Danger Point near Gansbaai, 140 kilometres from Cape Town, with soldiers, women and children on board. There weren’t enough lifeboats, so the soldiers ensured that all the women and children were on lifeboats first. That’s where the protocol of Women and Children First was invented, and Stand Fast celebrates this piece of history.


Find more of Fort Rixon’s work on his website.


Fort Rixon's InAWE Residency

Fort Rixon's InAWE Residency

 Fort Rixon's InAWE Residency


 InAWE Residency


The Residency runs throughout World Design Capital in 2014, with artists working on illustrations, felt collages, photo stories and everything in between. So keep an eye on our InAWE Residency series during the next few months.


To book accommodation at InAWE Stays, visit their website.


We’ll be documenting the project through videos made possible by Nokia. Thanks Nokia!




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