Madiba: Our Country’s Greatest Story Told in Lego.



The Nelson Mandela Foundation in collaboration with Google South Africa recently called upon video content creators to produce inspiring marketing content for YouTube celebrating Madiba’s legacy for a competition called YouTube Film Hack. The brief challenged the video creators to inspire young South Africans under 30 to live the Nelson Mandela legacy every day. The results of the competition will be revealed next week where two members of the winning team will earn a trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, sponsored by Google South Africa.


The views have been rolling in for an entry by Quirk who has produced a Lego themed video depicting Nelson Mandela’s long struggle for freedom. Fran Luckin, Quirk Johannesburg’s Executive Creative Director, explained their approach:


Keeping the South African struggle story relevant was the aim behind Google’s challenge. The fear is that this chapter in our country’s history is reduced to historical text and in time forgotten. Quirk’s response was to tell the Madiba story in a medium that appeals to the born-free generation and on a platform they can relate to, a video of Lego characters shared on YouTube. Quirk took the challenge one step further by including a call for names to be added to a petition to request Lego to produce a Madiba freedom fighter set. The Madiba story is one of courage, forgiveness and love. Lessons that are relevant to all South Africans, of all ages. We believe a Lego set could be a tool to help parents introduce their young children to Mandela and the story of freedom in South Africa.


You can add your support to the petition at




Fran Luckin and The Brave Curious Minds of Quirk Jozi


Madiba: Legocy



  1. Madiba Industries

    Turning an innocent child’s toy into something political, while making a mockery of an icon is just wrong. Madiba’s image is being turned into a brand. Pretty soon we’ll have Madiba food chains and dance schools with his image plastered over it.
    Why stop here? Why not get a Rosa Parks bus or Steve Biko holding cell lego set?

  2. @MadibaIndustries – couldn’t agree with you more. And now Desmond Tutu is starting a cult. They’re just leveraging the democratic fight for their own personal gain.