Suzelle DIY | A Bitesize Do-It-Yourself Web Series

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Suzelle DIY is a hilarious bitesize Do-It-Yourself web series created by filmmaker and animator Ari Kruger and Julia Anastasopoulos, aka Knolc. In each video Suzelle, the very Afrikaans and ultra domesticated version of Julia, demonstrates a neater, more efficient and more elegant way of getting everyday chores around the house done. In the first four episodes we learned how to chop those pesky cherry tomatoes quick stix, how to make a terrarium, how to make curls with a GHD and how to drill a hole without making a mess. Suzelle DIY is beautifully styled and shot and (if we must admit) it’s pretty useful too!


Keep an eye out on Thursdays, when Suzelle will be releasing new DIY videos via YouTubeInstagram and Facebook.


How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes




How to Make a Terrarium




How to Make Curls with a GHD




How to Drill a Hole Without Making a Mess





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