Openings This Week: CT | Four Solo Shows, Two Film Festivals and Open Studios

This week the Mother City hosts four solo openings, two films festivals, Open Studios at The Woodstock Foundry and conversations on creativity with local creatives. Here are all the details:


Wednesday, 28 May


Other Dust, A Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Illustrations by Andrew Sutherland opens at Salon91


Other Dust by Andrew Sutherland


Other Dust is a tribute to the old world and all its wonders. It admires adventure and discovery and exposes strange traditions and values. All the works on display were made in Taiwan, where Sutherland has been living and traveling for the last 1-½ years. His exposure to Eastern culture has certainly played a part in the development in this series. His exposure to different ways of living and practices has helped shape this body of work.


91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town at 6:30pm.


Exhibition runs until 21 June.


More info at



Out in Africa, A Gay and Lesbian Film Festival opens at Cinema Nouveau V&A Waterfront


Out in Africa


Festival runs from 28 May – 1 June 2014.


See the website for screening times and booking details.



Thursday, 29 May


Open Studios at The Woodstock Foundry


Open Studios


For one night only the resident artists at The Woodstock Foundry invite the public to explore the behind-the-scenes sights and sounds of their studios.


150 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town at 6:30pm – 9pm.


See the Facebook Event for more details.



‘They Came from Above’, A Photographic Exhibition by Hayden Phipps at Bronze Age Gallery.


Hayden Phipps



Photographer Hayden Phipps will exhibit his series, They Came From Above, at Bronze Age Gallery along side work by other artists which includes sculpture, painting, illustration and 3D printing. This photographic series is part social commentary and part 1950s sci-fi homage. Hayden says, “By removing the support framework of various everyday structures found on our horizons, I want people to stop and take note of the technology that now surround us. How much do we know about these objects on our horizon and if these structures were transported back in time would people perceive them as alien?”


The Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Road at 6.30pm



Two solo exhibitions, by Barthélémy Toguo’s and Mawande Ka Zenzile, opens at Stevenson Gallery


Experimantation: All Hell Break Loose by Mawande Ka Zenzile


Mawande Ka Zenzile


Central to Ka Zenzile’s practice is the idea of the found object. The ‘object’, however, can be anything from a pile of firewood to a supremacist ideology or the image of Batgirl. The show is conceived as a laboratory of ideas, where iconography from low and high culture, historical and contemporary political constellations is forced into dialogue. Mowgli from Disney’s Jungle Book crosses paths with Osama Bin Laden and Saint Sebastian, in an attempt to trace the violence that lies at the core of all these narratives. Recurring motifs are the scarecrow, with its associations of both power and vulnerability, and the boat, which suggests an interest in exploration and travel, as well as its darker counterparts of conquest and slavery.


Barthélémy Toguo’s first solo show with the gallery, featuring the artist’s iconic drawings and installations.




The exhibition takes its title from an immersive installation in which small drawings are displayed atop 38 music stands. Toguo writes: “It is a concert of ‘Celebrations’ of life with all its feelings: beauty stands alongside ugliness, pleasure amidst war, sexuality with violence, joy and death.” The artist’s ‘theatre of the world’ embraces everything that makes up human existence; life and death live side by side and give meaning to one another.


Exhibitions run 29 May – 12 July 2014


Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock at 6pm.


See the website for more info.



Ditaola, Mohau Modisakeng’s debut solo exhibition opens at BRUNDYN+ 


Mohau Modisakeng


A central tenet and foundational question that Modisakeng’s work responds to is the issue of violence and concerns around the role it plays and continues to play in colonial, as well as post-colonial African societies. His current body of work engages several discourses related to the political economy of the racial segregation, institutionalised/systemic racism, militarisation, and civil unrest of apartheid South Africa and the African continent at large. The work engages both individual and collective narratives informed by the realities of living in South Africa. The constructed narratives engage the black body as a site of fragmentation, distortion, and degradation.


170 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town at 6pm.


See BRUNDYN+ for more info.



Intermission happens at Greatmore Studios




47 – 49 Greatmore Street, Woodstock, Cape Town at 5:30. Performance at 6pm.


See Greatmore Studios’ Facebook Page for more info.



Friday, 30 May


African Metropolis Film Festival opens at the Labia Theatre


African Metropolis


The compilation of six short fiction films, set in six major African cities, tells urban tales about life in African metropolises. With short films set in Lagos (Director: Folasakin Iwajomo), Abidjan (Philippe Lacôte), Dakar (Marie KA), Johannesburg (Vincent Moloi), Cairo (Ahmed Ghoneimy) and Nairobi (Jim Chuchu), the filmmakers’ work shows the face of a modern and cosmopolitan Africa and challenges long-standing clichés about the continent.


See for screening and ticket details.



Saturday, 31 May 


#ConversationsonCreativity8.0 takes place at The AVA Gallery




Hosted by Didi Ntsie, and presented by Creative Nestlings in association with Creative Cape Town, #ConversationsonCreativity8.0. invites you to their second #ConversationsonCreativity in 2014. They’ve enlisted 4 creative influencers from around the world to share on their work, lives, environments & thoughts on life as a “creative”. Speakers are Daniel Ting Chong (Designer & Illustrator), Celeste Arendse (Fashion Designer), Dathini Mzayiya (Artist) and Jess Cross (Artist & DJ).


AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town from 12pm – 3pm.


Visit their website for more info.



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