Motion Photography brings bizarre AfrikaBurn photos to life | By Lukas Renlund

Bizarre AfrikaBurn photos come to life! from Not So Fast | Media on Vimeo.


Since collaborating with us on this AfrikaBurn post, Lukas Renlund has been working flat out on this very special feature: Bringing to life a selection of his images that capture the weird and wonderful nature of AfrikaBurn through Motion Photography. Here’s what Lukas had to say about this:


At Not So Fast | Media we get excited about pushing the boundaries of mainstream Digital Photography. In our opinion, there is no excuse why an image shouldn’t make a long-lasting impression on its beholder. That is why we specialise in only one thing: moving content. By this we mean content that not only illustrates clear messages, but also speaks to people. For us, this is Motion Photography. These photographs puzzles the eye of the beholder with their life-like movements. They come as a testament to new avenues within digital, that bridges the gap between video and still imagery.


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