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In Foreign Transit | The Journey of Three Young South Africans Through India


In Foreign Transit is an online, photo, written, and video documentation of three young South Africans (photographer Max Mogale, chef Jade De Waal and videographer Dewald Brand) who have embarked on a three week journey through India.


The overall mission of In Foreign Transit entails exploring 2-3 distinct parts of India, the idea being that each creative will focus on their respective arts and passions to create something along the way.


“After almost two years of coming up with the concept,” says Dewald, “the fact that we’re actually here now in good ol’ India is surreal. Having been here a couple times a few years back, it has always stuck out as one of the most photogenic countries I’ve been lucky enough to visit. That, accompanied by the fact that a large number of people speak English beyond just ‘Hi. How are you? What’s your name? Where you from?’ has allowed us to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the short amount of time we’ve been here. And it’s been a crazy trip; in a good way of course. With it almost done in the next couple days, I now can’t wait to put the pieces together and see the final outcome with the exhibition in a couple weeks’ time.”


On her experience so far, Jade tells us that: “Being in foreign transit in India is like constantly being in the eye of the storm – a serious assault on the all senses which is nirvana for someone like me who eats, drinks and listens her way through a space. The biggest party in my mouth so far is the chai – not the usual fragrant drink we’re used to but really tea on a whole other level – and almost every second vendor is a chai wallah with his own flavour. Watch this space.”


Max sums up India in one word: loud. “I’ve always assumed I’m a very tolerant person on many fronts,” he says, “but India is in a category of its own. I’ve been overwhelmed on all senses. Sight, sounds, tastes, smells and textures. It’s a lot to take in. If I’m honest I was very skeptical about this place. Everybody said how incredibly spiritual and enlightening it is. I call bullshit. I’ve realised that the reason why people “find themselves” here is because there are so many people in one concentrated spot. You don’t really have much of a choice to know who you are if everybody around you doesn’t give a fuck about you. So let’s throw out the whole “spiritual enlightenment tourism” idea out the window. It’s real out here. And I’m not being colloquial about it. It’s truly real. There is no hiding from the realities of life in India. It’s been an experience that I think every person should at least do once. Forget what they tell you. India won’t ask you who you are, it will let you tell yourself.”


All along the way, Dewald has been recording footage while Max captures the sights in photographs and Jade cooks up a storm wherever they go. This will result in a short documentary film, a photo exhibition as well as a cookbook containing recipes, tips and more – all of which will be revealed at an ‘all-encompassing’ event hosted after the trip.


In the meantime, follow the journey from start to finish on the In Foreign Transit blog which is updated (almost) daily with diary entries and photographs, and every 2-3 days with highlight reels.


For real time updates, find In Foreign Transit on Facebook and Instagram.


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