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Dream Teams! | 14 Local Creative Duos

Today, in the spirit of collaboration, we’re taking a look at creative duos. Covering the fields of photography, fashion, design and illustration, we’ve put together a list of 14 of our favourite local creatives who are doing good things in pairs.









ANDREA•GWYNN is a co-directing, stills and creative pair made up of stylist Chloe Andrea and photographer Darren Gwynn. Whether it be film or stills, the team defines itself around creating visual narratives. In January this year we featured their exquisite fashion film, and they’ve recently launched a new tumblr to showcase their joint projects.





Jana + Koos


Jana + Koos

City of Gold Diggers

Jana + Koos - Halo


Jana + Koos, individually Jana Hamman and Koos Groenewald, are two Johannesburg based graphic designers working in creative collaboration. Each with a background in advertising, the pair specialises in concept design, ideas, advertising, strategic creative work, design, branded content, illustration and photography. Some of their recent projects include the Branding for local millinery company Simon and Mary, CI design for The British Council’s ConnectZA and on Friday, 5 June their exhibition City of Gold Diggers launches at Open Gallery Space in New York City.








Driehoek (2)

Adobe Photoshop PDF


Driehoek is an illustration collective consisting of Megan Bird and Lizanne Visser, a duo who describe themselves as “two kids who like drawing, a lot.” The creative collaboration between Megan and Lizanne grew spontaneously out of a desire to do something they loved and much like the girls themselves, their work is vibrant and whimsical and full of character.





Dokter and Misses


Dokter and Misses

Dokter and Misses (1)

Dokter and Misses (2)


Industrial designer Adriaan Hugo and graphic designer Katy Taplin began producing furniture, lighting and objects under the name of Dokter and Misses in 2007. Starting out with what is now a retail space for smaller items at 44 Stanley Avenue, the husband and wife duo operate from a studio and workshop space in Braamfontein where their primary showroom is located. Last year they showed as part of Southern Guild at MOAD and their LALA Shwantla Drinks Cabinet was in the run up for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at Design Indaba this year. While varied in style, Dokter and Misses’ pieces are recognisable through their use of bold modernist lines and graphic patterns.





Love and Hate Studio


Love and Hate Studio - Black Koki and Ello (1)

Love and Hate Studio - Black Koki and Ello (2)

Love and Hate Studio - Black Koki and Ello (3)


The multidisciplinary visual studio known as Love and Hate is run by artists and long time collaborators Black Koki and Ello. Originally founded in 2004 as a functional art label, the focus of the studio has since changed to mural painting and illustration. Every project is a collaborative effort with unexpected results and, although the two have completely different work ethics, styles and ideas, their main ethos is to have fun while working.





Punk & Ivy


Punk & Ivy (1)

Punk & Ivy (2)

Punk & Ivy (3)


Punk & Ivy is the fashion, wardrobe, styling and bespoke consultancy boutique of Khaya Bhubesii and Bianca Miles. Khaya’s background is as a fashion stylist and artist, while Bianca is a marketer by trade and so, Punk & Ivy began as a platform for them to fuse their experiences. The name, Punk & Ivy, refers to a style of dress for men that came about in Soweto in the 80s. With this in mind, the duo aim to create a new path of tailored garments that connects to street wear or the urban distinguised look for both men and women.





Xzavier Zulu and Hanro Havenga


Gebruik Op Eie Risiko (4)

Gebruik Op Eie Risiko (2)

Gebruik Op Eie Risiko (1)


Xzavier Zulu and Hanro Havenga are an art direction and photography duo based in Johannesburg. The latest intallment from their ongoing OurSearchOf series is titled “Gebruik Op Eie Risiko” and is an editorialized look at Autumn/Winter 2014. The editorial is set in one of South Africa’s most dangerous inner cities, Hillbrow, where Xzavier and Hanro tried to create a distinct interplay between surrealism and realism.






Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen


Adriaan Kuiters x Jody Paulsen AW14

Shot by Nico Krijno

Adriaan Kuiters x Jody Paulsen AW14


The Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen Autumn Winter 2014 collection is the second collaboration between designer Keith Henning and artist Jody Paulsen. The range features bold graphic knitwear, exciting new prints developed by the duo and colourful statement pieces. Set against layered felt artworks by Jody, a series of campaign images by Nico Krijno showcases the complementary coupling of Keith’s tailoring and fabrication with Jody’s pop art sensibility.







Kope Figgins (1)

Kope Figgins (2)

Kope Figgins (3)


Based in Cape Town, the double-act known as KOPE | FIGGINS consists of Jonathan Kope and Jarred Figgins. Photography-wise, the duo focus on the genre of fashion and their experience in the realm of video includes work for David West, Peaches and Moullinex, and a music video for Beatenberg’s single, Chelsea Blakemore.








Wonders of the Universe


SoftServe was started by Maaike Bakker and Nina Torr with the idea that it would become a creative platform for small illustration publications, zines, exhibitions, collaborations and products. Their first formal effort so far is the Wonders of the Universe show at Wolves, however last year they also printed a small edition of illustrated sketchbooks and tote bags. Keep an eye on these two – there’s a lot more to come!





Lalesso Spring Summer 2014 (2)

Lalesso Spring Summer 2014

Lalesso Spring Summer 2014 (3)


Lalesso was formed by co-designers Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser – each of whom are children of Africa and have been wrapped in its beautiful fabrics since birth. The pair operate under fair trade principles while making use of skilled Kenyan artisans to produce their garmnets. Using a trademark of African inspired textiles in all of their collections, the brand evokes the lifestyle of an endless African summer.





Pedersen and Lennard


Pedersen and Lennard (3)

Pedersen and Lennard (2)

Pedersen and Lennard (1)


Skilled in both residential and commercial products including lighting, furniture, storage and special commissions; Pedersen and Lennard is a South African design company founded by Luke Pedersen and James Lennard. The duo believes that design should be accessible, functional and beautiful and to this end they focus on quality products, innovative design, and a simple aesthetic. This seamlessly translates into everything they create and is the reason they’re so good at what they do – including the running of their very own cafe, Field Office.





Brother Lawrence Studios


Brother Lawrence Studios - Gerhard van Wyk and Karabo Poppy Moletsane

Brother Lawrence Studios - Paper Printed Logo


Out of an internship that turned into a partnership between Karabo Poppy Moletsane and Gerhard van Wyk, Brother Lawrence Studios was born. Their name takes inspiration from a 17th century monk who to this day is rememembered for his ability to wash dishes to mesmerizing effect – the same focus and intent which the studio aims to apply to their work. Specialising in communication desgin, illustration and social media marketing, Brother Lawrence Studios executes every detail of a project with extreme care and commitment in the endeavour to produce work that commands attention. A duo for the time bieng, Johann Botha will soon be joining Karabo and Gerhard at their offices in the Pretoria CBD.



Elford/De la Forêt






Five years ago Jesse-Leigh Elford and Juanel de la Forêt began working together as the photography duo known as Elford/De la Forêt. Ever since they’ve been producing spectacular results, with some of their recent projects including editorials for Elle Magazine and Marie Claire. Jesse takes the photographs and is mostly involved with the aspects of production, while Juanel does the research and post-production – their combined efforts resulting in a style that is minimal, dramatic and elegant.





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