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Tow Aways ‘Zine by Illana Welman



Tow Aways is an film photography zine by Illana Welman, probably better known as Lani Spice, that will be launched along with a group exhibition of the participating artists and others tomorrow in Cape Town at The Pit, behind Clarke’s.


Tow Aways features the photographs of 13 South African artists including the likes of Black Koki and Ello Xray Eyez of Love and Hate, John Second, Danielle Clough and Laura Windvogel (Lady $kollie). It is a RVCA Artist Network Program project, launched with the help of RVCA South Africa.


We asked Lani a couple of questions about her project – who is featured, how it was put together and when it will be available. Here’s the Q&A below:


How did the idea for the Tow Aways zine come about?


It was last year when I started getting into photo zines and was inspired by kids overseas just doing it out on their own and self publishing their work as well as celebrating the beauty and life of print. There are also the independent publishing groups such as Deadbeat Club and Editions Ltd that run small and limited edition publications, this opened me to a new world of appreciation and hyped me up more than anything. This was all a major pull and something I wanted to do here. I strongly believe in collaboration and wanted to do a joint effort of work showcased. To be honest I found myself constantly surrounded by pretty awesome creatives and I thought what would be better than combining a group of great work in a perfect little A5 print.


Who is featured in the zine and what criteria did you use to choose the featured photographers?


There are a range of artists featured, some masters of different crafts, however all sharing an appreciation for analog photography and with this expressing the world through their eyes. There was no criteria, it was purely a representation of the artists and their work. They are: Donovyn Le Roux, Leon Bester, Black Koki, Ello Xray Eyez, Melissa Williams, Laura Windvogel, Danielle Clough, John Second, Thys Lotter, Dewald Bruwer, JJ Harris, Andrew Turpin and myself.


Who did you partner with to put the zine together?


Putting the zine together was a personal project that I did on my own. However with the exhibition and launch of the zine happening at the moment, Melissa Williams and RVCA ANP are right there next to me and are making the magic happen.


What do you want to achieve with the project?


I haven’t really thought about it, getting it produced and out there has been the focus. It was intended as a platform to exhibit and praise local talent and if achieving anything it would be the opportunity to continue doing so. I hope that answers your question.


Any plans for future editions of the zine with different themes or features?


There will definitely be another, I’d like this to be the beginning of many editions to come. I’d like to keep it rather limitless as themes and features may change, but collaborating won’t. South Africa is flying creatively it should be celebrated.


Is there any other information you’d like to share about Tow Aways?


Yeah, be sure to make it to The Pit on June 5th as it is not only the launch of the zine, but an exhibition comprised of hundreds of images from the many creatives that have been connected to The Pit and Clarkes over the years. This is quite a special event for us where it tells a story of the space and the people and a peek into their lives beyond Bree Street. Guest artists will be Anke Loots, Adriaan Louw, Justin Poulter, Alexia Webster, Kent Lingenveld, Juliette Raymer, Pauline Raymer, Natalie Pereira, Michael Tymbios, Thomas Pepler, Clinton Theron, Lyndall Maunder and more. Go grab a copy or a print or just go for a good old fashion party. Lastly just the biggest thanks to everyone who contributed and made this happen.


Tow Aways will be available at The Pit/Clarkes Bar and Dining Room. Make sure to check out the launch and exhibition this First Thursdays.





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