Sanlam ‘Super Boy’ TVC


For its 96th birthday, Sanlam has taken a fresh approach to its branding and positioning in order to more accurately reflect the business as it stands today.


In addition to a rejuvenated logo and simplified brand architecture, Sanlam have adopted a new-pay off line: Wealthsmiths. The term is rooted in their ethos that wealth does not come easy – it comes from hard work and dedication – and their latest television commercial by King James Group was created to emphasise this.


In the ad titled ‘Super Boy’, we’re told a very sweet story of a young boy doing odd jobs for pocket money. Once he’s saved up enough to kit himself out in superhero gear, there’s nothing left to stop him from fighting crime and/or saving the world which, as it turns out, is a very hard day’s work after all.


See the story of Wealthsmiths:


Credits: King James Group


Sanlam 'Super Boy' (1)

Sanlam 'Super Boy' (2)

Super Boy

Sanlam 'Super Boy' (4)

Sanlam 'Super Boy' (5)

Super Boy

Sanlam 'Super Boy' (7)


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