Featured: Instagramming in India with Lebo Lukewarm

Lebo Lukewarm
Lebo Lukewarm


This week we’re featuring Lebo Lukewarm – a young photographer, musician and all-round creative. Lebo is no stranger to the South African creative community, having been part of the photography collective 75.co.za. Recently he went on an international Instameet in Northern India with ‘grammers from around the world, and we had the chance to ask him a few questions about how that went.


Hi Lebo, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Johannesburg based photographer who has an undying affinity for travel.


How and when did you get into photography?

In 2007, fooling around with a point and shoot camera in the club.


How would you describe your work and style of photography?

I’m into capturing the emotion that I felt at a particular time, I’m a portraits guy.


What other artistic pursuits are you into besides photography?

I’ve started to get into music as well. I’m part of a group called CameraShyGuys with a friend of mine, you can find our music on our soundcloud.


You’re on quite an interesting instameet at the moment. Can you tell us about how it came about and who else is on the trip with you?

It started by chatting to Jasmeet, who I met on Instagram. We both just decided it was only right I joined them, so I did.


Where can we find out more about your trip so far?

The details about my trip are on my Instagram feed and they are rather extensive.


From your tumblr and instagram feed its clear that you’re quite the traveller, where else in the world would you like to photograph?

I’m planning on doing Sri Lanka sometime this year, but nothing is confirmed yet so yeah.


What else are you working on at the moment?

Working on my debut album set to drop in Aug called “Swimming Practise” and an exhibition in October or so…Stay tuned to my social media pages for more details.


For more, you can find Lebo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and tumblr.


Lebo Lukewarm

Lebo Lukewarm landscape


Lebo Lukewarm


Lebo Lukewarm


Lebo Lukewarm



Lebo Lukewarm

Lebo Lukewarm



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