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Breach - Jack

Field Notes from Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity | New Directors

At Cannes Lions on Thursday, Saatchi & Saatchi hosted their unmissable, annual New Directors Showcase – a collection of the ground-breaking films by the filmmakers across the globe to watch now. This year’s theme was ‘Feel the Reel’. Audience members were given sensory wrist bands to wear that gauged reactions and lit up in different colours depending on the emotion that each film elicited. These are the films.




Ainslie Henderson | James: Moving On




Alvise Avati | Beans




Alberto Belli | It’s Not Porn




Donato Sansone | GrotesquePhotobooth




Emile Sornin | Disclosure ‘Grab Her’




Josh Cole | Rudimental ‘Not Giving In’




Kyra & Constantin | Rollin’ Wild




Tarik Abdel-Gawad | Box (projection mapping, all shot in camera)



Ed Morris | Cybersmile #dontretaliate




Ian & Cooper | Joel Compass ‘Back to Me’




Kibwe Tavares | Jonah




Simon Bonde & Peder | Peder ‘Ghost of a Smile’




The Sacred Egg | Breach ‘Jack’




Truman & Cooper | Kid Wise ‘Hope’





Vania Heymann | Bob Dylan ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ / Walking Contest




Tatia Pilieva | First Kiss




Tripp Crosby | Conference Call in Real Life




Us | The Sunday Times ‘Icons’



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