Sebastian Borckenhagen

Presenting: Sebastian Borckenhagen at the InAWE Residency



Next up at the recently launched InAWE Residency Programme is the ridiculously talented writer, illustrator and artist Sebastian Borckenhagen.


The InAWE Residency programme is our World Design Capital in 2014 project, in a collaboration with InAWE Stays – a historic house and self-catering cottages in the heart of the Mother City. We’re inviting eight local creatives to visit InAWE Stays for some peace of mind while working on a unique piece inspired by the Mother City.


As one of World Design Capital 2014’s Headline Sponsors, Nokia joined the InAWE Residency too, and it’s a great fit since Nokia is renowned for their focus on visual storytelling. They’re providing a Lumia 1520, which the artists will use to complement their creative process during their stay.


While at InAWE Sebastian created some of his signature artworks, this time on a set of four humble enamel cups. These were inspired by a recent road trip, during which he spotted some hand painted enamel cups at a curio shop. This was the first time he’s attempted drawing on a 3D object, and the results are pretty incredible.


Sebastian BorckenSebastian Borckenhagenhagen

Sebastian Borckenhagen

InAWE Residency


Earlier this year Fort Rixon and Lucie de Moyencourt were at the InAWE Residency.


The Residency runs throughout World Design Capital in 2014, with artists working on embroideries, illustrations, watercolour paintings and everything in between. So keep an eye on our InAWE Residency series during the next few months.


To book accommodation at InAWE Stays, visit their website.


We’ll be documenting the project through videos shot by Josh Hayman and made possible by Nokia. Thanks Nokia!




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