Ads This Week: Feed a Child and The Prince of Newtown


Feed a Child TVC



The primary mission of Feed a Child is to make people aware of the thousands of children in South Africa who don’t even have access to one meal per day.


Their latest television commercial by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town is based on the shocking societal truth that many domestic animals in this country are better fed than a lot of children. Managing Director, Arnau van Achterbergh, says that “the commercial is intentionally emotive to trigger the necessary awareness on this issue to generate engagement and contributions. There was no intention to cause offence.”


To help Feed a Child relieve the devastating impacts caused by poverty and malnutrition in SA, SMS “child” to 40014 to contribute R20.



KFC Streetwise Two TVC, The Prince of Newtown



In their Streetwise Two TVC by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, KFC uses local inspiration to tell a true story of a boy who saw an opportunity and used it to progress in life.


The concept behind the commercial underpins KFC’s philosophy that those who are ‘streetwise’ don’t accept the status quo but rather, rise about it. “This commercial is not only about our Streetwise Two product, but its about saluting those who are able to see opportunities in places one would never even imagine they could be,” says Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC South Africa Marketing Manager.


To get this message across, KFC showcases a true story of a Kleva – a young boy growing up in Alexandra, Johannesburg who sees an opportunity to progress his life through jewellery making. His journey is inspired by the original ‘Prince of Newtown’, Prince Thwala, whose first ring was purchased by a close friend for R30 and today sell for well over R1 000.



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