Ads This Week: Born to Run and Protect Your Dreams


Born to Run






Excellent customer service – which all of us have experienced to be lacking at times – is what differentiates the great from the good. When Mercedes-Benz launched a new brand tagline ‘Born to Run’, that guarunteed great service in record time, the South African team needed a simple idea to illustrate the exating standards required to live up to this new brand promise.


Ignite Joe Public set every staff member one simple task: to reply to customers emails in record time. They called it the Born to Run Race and turned the Mercedes-Benz internet into a racetrack with over 600 ‘runners’ competing to set the record for the fastest email reply.


With a reward of limited edition Nike Born to Run sneakers up for grabs, staff were put on a week-long training programme designed to get them race ready. This was supported by internal mailers, intranet banners, posters, 3D displays and a finale event.


On race day 678 employees participated. The customer’s email was sent and the first reply came back in 1.2 seconds, with the last one coming in after 7 seconds. The internal communications campaign illustrated that great service has no downtime and it set a new benchmark in customer service.



Protect Your Dreams


Dream Car

Dream Holiday

Dream Job


Working from the insight that an unplanned baby could prevent you from being able to achieve your dreams, Joe Public created typical scenarios of the kind of dreams you could say goodbye to as a result of falling pregnant unexpectedly.



Client: Lover’s Plus Condoms
Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Executive Creative Director: Adam Weber
Art Director: Martin Schlumpf
Copywriter: Annette de Klerk
Illustrator: Wanchana Intrasombat



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