Featured: Klomp Ceramics by Alexia Klompje

Pattern Dishes


A woman of many skills, Alexia Klompje launched Klomp Ceramics from her home studio in Cape Town just under a year ago. Since then she has put forth three collections of hand crafted ceramics and her pieces, which are bold in their simplicity, each tell a unique story. We spoke to Alexia about her creative roots, aesthetic development and what inspires her.


What is your creative or artistic background?

Having grown up in an artistic home environment and always being very creative myself, I’ve loved dabbling with various art forms and mediums. From taking art and ceramics classes at school, doing jewellery and fashion design courses, studying architecture at university, having a successful career in styling to launching Klomp Ceramics, I’ve always been most happy when I’m creating.


How, and when, did Klomp Ceramics begin?

I launched Klomp Ceramics almost a year ago. It literally started with a couple bags of clay in my spare room and a need to express myself creatively whist recovering and healing from a brain tumour. I needed to tell my story, and clay was my medium.


How has your style or aesthetic developed since you first started out?

I think my aesthetic has developed as my healing process and experiences have developed. The initial collection was very personal and intuitive. Each piece really expressed how and what I was feeling internally at that initial stage. From there, the collections have evolved into more outwardly expressive functional pieces for everyday use. An amalgamation of both my design aesthetic and experiences. The second collection launched around the festive season and focused around celebration and entertaining, whilst this current collection developed through an exploration of the feminine.


What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

Wow. I think it’s been discovering a part of myself I was never able to access before. Somehow working with clay allows me to enter this space – a gentle, innate wisdom through creativity.


Alternately, what aspects of it have been challenging?

A lot! Merging this creative freedom with the business side of things. The humility that comes with working with clay. And learning to be patient, which doesn’t come easy for me!


What are you influenced and inspired by?

Really, everything. Where I live, life, nature, architecture, fashion, intuition…everything.


Tell us a bit about your process. Do you prefer to work spontaneously, or is there a fair amount of planning involved?

I like to plan but it doesn’t always work that way! Some pieces just come into being out of their own free will it seems. I find this both challenging and beautiful, so I try to find a balance somewhere in-between!


How does the space in which you work contribute to the final result?

I work from my beautiful little urban studio at home in Cape Town CBD. It’s a place I feel safe and happy in with the most exquisite view of Table Mountain and beautiful light, so I think this contributes majorly to my work.


What are you working on at the moment, and what are your plans going forward?

Well I’m currently fulfilling a bunch of orders, starting on my next collection and working on a few pieces for an exhibition I’m taking part in at the end of the year. Moving forward I’m just making and creating and having fun!


What are you currently reading/listening to/looking at?

I’m listening to Sia/Lana Del Ray/Daft Punk/Photek/The Antlers, reading a novel titled Life after Life by Kate Atkinson and looking at Sia’s Chandelier music video. I think it’s creative genius and it inspires me.




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Circle Board

Klomp Ceramics - Circle Board I

Klomp Ceramics - Round Pendant I

Fold Vases

Klomp Ceramics - Pattern Dish I

Klomp Ceramics ii -

Klomp Ceramics ii - Pattern Plates VI

Klomp Ceramics ii - S&P Dishes I

Klomp Ceramics ii - Pattern Plates IV

Klomp Ceramics ii - S&P Dishes II

Klomp Ceramics ii - Bold Vases

Klomp Ceramics i - Rib Neckpiece IV

Rib Neckpiece II

Klomp Ceramics i - Pinch Bowl VI

Klomp Ceramics i - Fold Platters

Klomp Ceramics i - Geometric Jug V


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