Striking New Fashion Photographs by Steve Marais

Steve Marais - Highstreet Hijack (2)


Soon after returning from a much needed break in the mountains, fashion photographer Steve Marais updated his website with some of what he’s been up to of late. “I’ve been shooting all sorts of things,” says Steve, whose mind is forever filled with countless thoughts and ideas. A few of his own highlights from the past year have included collaborating with Sheena Bagshawe on the editorial Baton Rouge, creating the Highstreet Hijack fashion spread with Crystal Birch and working with Candice Boucher on a 1950s inspired story for Grazia Magazine.


“I think in the grand scheme of things there will always be progression in my newer work, as much as you will find similarities to my older work,” Steve explains. “I’m always on the lookout for something more, something clever and dynamic, and something that makes sense!” When it comes to the style of his photographs, he says: “I think they are very ‘me’. Anyone who knows me can spot them a mile away. They are clean, sometimes creepy, often quite serious, but always beautifully thought out and considered.”


Founded by Steve at the beginning of last year, Gaschette provides another never-ending string of things do to. “Besides releasing a new issue of Gaschette Magazine every 6 weeks, we launched the Gaschette Design Portal in the beginning of the year which offers regular fashion updates covering all corners of the fashion industry. It’s a way for us to connect to our audience more regularly without interfering with the way the main magazine runs,” Steve tells us. “In April this year our Gaschette New Faces model search initiative was driven solely through our Design Portal channel, and it exceeded every expectation we could ever have.” As for what’s on his agenda for the rest of the year, all we can say is Cape Town: watch this space!


Stay up to date with Steve on Behance, Tumblr and Twitter.


Steve Marais - Highstreet Hijack (4)

Highstreet Hijack (6)

Steve Marais - Highstreet Hijack

Steve Marais - Ophelia (4)

Steve Marais - Ophelia (2)

Ophelia (3)

Steve Marais - Ophelia (5)

Asseblief Vintage

Steve Marais - Asseblief Vintage (1)

Steve Marais - Asseblief Vintage (4)

Steve Marais - Asseblief Vintage (5)

Steve Marais - Grazia Issue 93 (2)

Grazia Issue 93 (4)

Grazia Issue 93 (5)

Steve Marais - Grazia Issue 93 (6)

Steve Marais - Devotion (6)

Devotion (9)

Steve Marais - Devotion (10)

Devotion (1)

Steve Marais - Baton Rouge (6) - Copy

Baton Rouge (3)

Baton Rouge (1) - Copy

Steve Marais - Baton Rouge (5) - Copy


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