Michael Chandler

Presenting: Michael Chandler at the InAWE Residency



Since Cape Town is World Design Capital in 2014, we’ve teamed up with InAWE Stays and Nokia to invite eight local creatives to join the InAWE Residency programme. They’ll stay at the beautiful InAWE Stays while working on a unique piece inspired by the Mother City. The fifth artist in residency is Michael Chandler. He is the owner and curator of Chandler House, a local shop and gallery in town which showcases and sells ceramics, antiques, furniture and art.


Michael’s talents stretch further than impeccable taste and during his stay he explored his interest in the Cape heritage by making an impressive replica of a traditional VOC dish using chalk on paper. He has always been intrigued by the shards of old porcelain he finds on the beaches, on the mountain and along the riverbeds around the Cape and these fragments of the past inspired this piece. Michael plans to tear the artwork so it resembles the shards he has been collecting for years.


As a World Design Capital sponsor with a strong focus on visual storytelling, Nokia was a natural fit for the InAWE Residency programme. They’ve provided a Lumia 1520 for the artists to use during their stay and Michael used this phone as a creative tool to track and capture his process.  We also used the Lumia 1520 to shoot an experimental short video, showing how Michael went about creating this massive artwork while in residency.




Find Michael Chandler on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or see his website and visit Chandler House at 53 Church Steet, Cape Town.


Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler

InAWE Residency


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Throughout 2014 eight local creatives will join the InAWE Residency to work on illustrations, watercolours and everything in between , so keep an eye on our InAWE Residency series during the next few months.


To book accommodation at InAWE Stays, visit their website.


The InAWE Residency videos shot by Josh Hayman are made possible by Nokia. Thanks Nokia!


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