Featured: Katlego Phatlane

Katlego Phatlane


Katlego Phatlane is a young designer who’s currently studying Visual Communication at Vega. Earlier this year he was selected by a line-up of the local ad industry’s Creative Directors and ECDs as one of two SA winners of Portfolio Night 12 and as a result will soon be making his way to New York City to represent South Africa after being named the Johannesburg All-Star. We had a quick chat with Katlego recently, here’s how it went.


Tell us a bit about yourself?


This is perhaps the hardest question of the lot. I’m Katlego Phatlane but everyone calls me Katt, I’m a Third year Visual Communication Student at Vega Shool of Brand leadership. I am currently specializing in Visual Communications. It’s hard to sum myself up in a paragraph and even harder because I’m a creative student, so my mind finds itself all over the place. I love creating beautiful things; whether it be for fun, for inspiration or work, I love the process of creating.


Have you always wanted to be a creative?


I’ve always wanted to be good at something. In my family you are only good at something if you get recognized for it. Being a creative was probably not one of the things I was hoping to become, although I have no regrets. I always wanted to be a soccer player, so much so that my talents took me all the way to Brazil, but when it came time to choose a career my Grade 12 art teacher threw me into the world of graphic design and visual communications, where my dreams of becoming a soccer player and my father’s dream of me becoming an architect came to an end. My journey has been a long one for both myself and my family, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.


When did you get into Typography, Digital Art and Print Design specifically?


Well I’m surrounded by Typography, so ever since I failed my first typographic project ever I vowed to delve into the world of typography. I terms of print design and digital art I would explain my path as accidental. I am still trying to find my style, so I experiment a lot. Hence most of my digital work is so different from the last. Print design lends itself to any curious designer. I love seeing my work printed and being able to place my fingers on my own creations. It’s very rewarding, and as a student of a brand school I do a lot of identity design; which goes hand in hand with print.


Which of the three do you find yourself leaning towards the most?


I love mixing all three to the best of my ability, but I find joy when I’m working with typography. I am obsessed with the shapes and forms, so if I was to choose from the three it would definitely be that.





What has been your favourite or most memorable project you’ve worked on so far?


It’s hard to pick one project from the list. I find each one has come due to a specific idea that came about from moments I hold dear. I loved working on the TV license brief as that was the first time I worked for a big agency. So I learnt a lot from that experience.


If you could describe your style in one word what would that be?


Experimental 🙂


What are you currently working on?


I am currently immersed in the world of motion design. Wrapping my head around the concepts and philosophy surrounding that, as I’m currently learning and not working on anything specific.


Plans for the future?


Well I’m the winner of Portfolio Night 12 and was named the Johannesburg All-Star who will be representing South Africa and Africa in New York on the 2nd of August.


To see more of Katlego’s work and process shots be sure to check out his Behance profile.




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