Run Jose | A biopic directed by Dave Meinert




‘Run Jose’ has been selected to show at CineSud, France in February 2015. The filmmakers are determined to get Jose there to present the film himself so that he can see the impact his life’s story has on others. HELP HIM GET THERE.


After being abducted from a marketplace as a child and forced to kill, Jose had a vision in a dream one night and made the radical decision to risk almost certain death to act on it. He shares his remarkable story in this biopic directed by Dave Meinert of MacDuff Films, which aims to foster a dialogue about the effects of war.


Having worked as a bouncer at bars for the last ten or so years, Jose is a well-known face in Cape Town. “I’ve always been amazed how someone who has been exposed to so much violence can be so peaceful,” says Dave, who wanted to tell Jose’s story as simply as he could.


Collaborating with filmmaker Michael Cleary, Dave’s approach to making the film was an instinctive one. “We took a DSLR camera, one lens and a bulb from the hardware store and switched the camera on. Stylistically, I was influenced by an old piece Nicolai Fuglsig did for Levi’s but the rest needed to come from Jose as much as possible,” he says. Upon handing everything over to Lucian Barnard to do the editing, Dave gave him zero brief. “I didn’t know if we had a story in it yet. He devised the editing style purely on his own and I think it’s the strongest element to the piece.”


Tired of seeing narratives that glamorise war and fighting, Dave believes that filmmakers are responsible for the stories they tell. “Jose’s story, coupled with his gentle nature and trademark smile has made us weep many times and we are privileged that he’d share it with us,” he says. “There’s maybe never been a more relevant time to start sharing stories about the real casualties of war.”



Director: Dave Meinert
DP: Michael Cleary
Editor: Lucian Barnard
MacDuff Films





Between 10 and 5