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Jameson First Shot 2014 | The Winning Films



We’re back from LA where we attended the reveal of the Jameson First Shot 2014 winning films. Here they are for you to see too!


Every year Jameson Irish Whiskey and Kevin Spacey’s award-winning Trigger Street Productions hold a search for three talented emerging film writer/directors. The winners get a ‘first shot’ in the film industry by having their short film produced by the award-winning Trigger Street whilst directing an A-list actor in the lead role. This year the competition was open to the USA, Russia and South Africa and a winner was chosen from each country. Uma Thurman starred in their winning films. The winners were Henco J from South Africa whose film, The Mundane Goddess, follows the story of Hera, Queen of the Gods, who has found herself in a mundane, suburban human existence; Ivan Petukhov from Russia; and Jessica Valentine from the United States. JFS aims to expand next year’s search to stretch further across the globe and Adrien Brody will take over as lead actor in the shorts.


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The Gift by Ivan Petukhov





Jump! by Jessica Valentine








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