Run The World | An ‘Instabition’ Throughout Women’s Month by David Tshabalala

Run The World


David Tshabalala is a Johannesburg-based graphic designer about to begin an illustration-a-day project inspired by and taking place during Women’s Month. Kicking off tomorrow, the 1st of August, David will be sharing 31 (one per day) illustrated portraits of young South African women he admires. He will distribute these on Instagram, dubbing the undertaking an ‘instabition’.  He says, “I want to profile young South African women who I consider to be the future thought leaders of South Africa. These are young women who may or may not be known under public spotlight, yet in each of their creative disciplined passions they illuminate a spirit of solidarity in power. Warrior women who will indeed inherit the earth.”


We asked him more about the project he is calling ‘Run the World’.


What inspired Run the World and motivated you to do something during Women’s Month specifically?

I wanted to do something with real purpose and self-initiated but not necessarily profit-driven. Women’s Month serves as the perfect platform for me to create something with meaning that resonates with every South African. People usually commemorate Women’s Month by reflecting on our past and struggles, rather than the present and future, which is what I’ve done by profiling our women of today.


Why did you choose Instagram as a distribution platform?

Having done my research, I think Instagram is the fastest growing site currently and it’s a breath of fresh air. And the word “Instabition” just sounds so good! It also offers a kind of exclusivity and peace that Twitter or Facebook can’t provide. I’ll use the other bigger and established digital platforms to drive traffic to my instagram profile: @slaying.goliath.


How did you select the women featured in the project?

These are a combination of women I’ve met and they’ve left me inspired after our conversations about projects that they are busy with small and big, some I’ve never met before but I follow them closely on digital platforms and I feed off their energy through their blogs and I enjoy the content they share and create. I didn’t select them based on their CV’s or popularity, but rather, how they influence me personally regardless of their accolades and achievements.


Who can we look forward to seeing illustrations of?

Zama Phakathi, Sherilea Gasper, Anthea KnowsBest, Nozuko Mapoma, Jess Jorgensen and many more.


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Run The World: Zama


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