American Swiss Diamonds | A Film Directed by ANDREA•GWYNN


ANDREA•GWYNN has directed a beautiful new cross-genre film for diamond giants American Swiss. Created to promote diamonds and subtly mention the American Swiss ‘Create Your Own Ring’ service, the film stars local celebrities Ian Bredenkamp and his wife Elana-Afrika Bredenkamp and features the ring that Ian made for Elana.


On their approach, the duo says “We were bored with traditional behind the scenes films and decided to transcend that by creating a new genre of film, merging behind the scenes with a fashion film. We wanted to capture the American Swiss ‘Create Your Own Ring’ service by showing the process behind it from manufacturing to selection, while keeping the aspirational narrative that a fashion film holds.”


To visually stimulate the refractions in diamonds, ANDREA•GWYNN researched techniques from some of their favourite directors including David Lynch to create all of the effects in-camera. See some behind the scenes photographs of the process below.


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