adidas Originals | ZX Flux ‘Future Collectors’ Video Series

Anthony Bila,  Wandile Msomi, Johan Venter

Anthony Bila, Wandile Msomi, Johan Venter


Continuing the ZX Flux story, adidas Originals casts the spotlight on influencers from different backgrounds in a new video series: Future Collectors.


The series features photographer and artist Anthony Bila, DJ/producer Johan Venter and skateboarder and entrepreneur Wandile Msomi – each chosen for their unique point of view and their genuine enthusiasm for the ZX Flux.


Anthony Bila


In the first of three short films, Johannesburg-based creative Anthony Bila (also known under the moniker The Expressionist) opens up about the future.




Through various mediums such as photography, music, writing and art, Anthony is concerned with bringing Africa to the world and the world to Africa. “I was probably about five or six years old, maybe even younger and I just wanted to create. Twenty-something years later, that fundamental hasn’t changed,” he says.


To showcase his work Anthony uses a select number of platforms, primarily those which are internet based. Going forward he aims to utilise the various mediums that he’s become adept with to create something truly unique that he can exhibit across the country, then the continent, and ultimately all over the world. “I want to create from nothing and turn that vision into something that the world can enjoy and appreciate.”


With influences that are flung far and wide, Anthony’s biggest inspiration is Africa – a continent so full of possibility and potential. “My own life feels like a microcosm of the continent,” he explains. “Although we have a legacy of inequality littered in the history of our beautiful continent, we’re still forging ahead and seeing not problems, but challenges we can overcome. Music, art and the cultures that inhabit our continent in their entirety are really inspiring to me.”


Johan Venter


In the second film local DJ/producer (Women Who Kill) and manager of the adidas Originals Area3 experiential space, Johan Venter shares his inspirations and goals.




Johan knew the direction he’d end up pursuing at a young age. “There is a photo at my parents’ house of me, aged two, on a heap of my dad’s vinyl collection with headphones on. I’d definitely say somewhere around then I knew I was hooked,” he says.


As a multi-disciplined artist, Johan’s vision is to perfect his skills and learn new ones. His desire is to be remembered as influencing or shaping a certain style. On his own influences, he says “We live in such a colourful and vibrant country, inspiration is all around you. For me, I prefer to paint the world in sound. The whole world is watching South Africa closely to try and guess our next move.”


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Wandile Msomi


In the last short film, local skateboarder and entrepreneur Wandile Msomi shares his story and what he hopes to achieve.




Having lived in Johannesburg for most of his life, Wandile runs a skateboard company called Funisu Skateboards and runs a skateboard shop called Home Grwn. “I’ve been skateboarding for the last 17 years of my life,” he says. “It all started when I was 15 and on a family trip back to Durban. A childhood friend that I looked up to was skating and I had to get myself involved.”


While skating is no longer what he does every day, he intends to focus on development and to inspire other skaters to work towards their goals. “My vision is to be surrounded by positive and hard-working people, and for me this is a lot more important than a legacy or what people perceive of me,” Wandile explains.


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Portraits shot by Paul Cocks, Videos made by Motion City Films. 




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