Show & Tell, the Art Edition | Joburg Circa Now!



Directly or indirectly, the City of Johannesburg forms part of many Jozi artists’ work. To illustrate this, three artists working in the city right now will be showing and speaking about their work at an upcoming art edition of Show & Tell.


The event will take place on Tuesday, 19 August at the 133 Arts Residency, which facilitates art-making for emergent artists from the African continent with the city of Johannesburg as a contemporary backdrop. Sign up below.


The artists who will be joining us are:


NICO KRIJNO | Still Life Constructions


Nico Krijno


Nico Krijno is a photographer who is re-imagining the photographic still life. Krijno is a formalist, a visual stylist, and an image-maker who is completely in control of the world he creates inside the frame of the photographic image. He loses himself in cans of paint – slathered, slobbered and thrown at makeshift constructions of found objects, general rubbish and stuff other people deem throwaway and useless. These are then photographically documented and further squashed, distorted and painted with digital tools.


But…How does an artist expand one of the great traditional art forms, the still life, into new territory? How does a photographic artist, today, continue this original tradition especially in an image-saturated world driven by the delivery speed of internet culture and the instant consumption and proliferation of copy ready, cut-and-paste images through the technology network? How does he create a complex contemporary image out of an ordinary arrangement of things?


His current project corresponds in-situ with the contemporary architecture of the 133 Arts Residency complex of buildings in Johannesburg, where the Art Talks will take place.



DONNA KUKAMA | Between Fact and Fiction


Donna Kukama


Donna Kukama is a performance artist who is pushing the boundaries of (historical) memory and truth, the (political) poetry of place and resistance as an active method of occupational protest of the (black) body in the urban context. Whatever. If a mouthful of pseudo-art historical jargon can’t box her in, then very little else can tie this future great down to a single easily explained and understood art practice.


Kukama invents a kind of performative practice; every art work seems to be an adventurous exploration of the traditional spatial art disciplines – performance, voice, text, video and sound. She moves. Quickly. Get on board now before she outruns us all.


Award nominations include the Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Award for Performance Art for 2014 (2013) and the closing performance of the South African Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013.



BOGOSI SEKHUKHUNI | Digital Euphoria


Bongosi Sekhukhuni


Bogosi Sekhukhuni is currently creating robot-generated imagined conversations between fathers and sons after his father blocked him from contacting him on Facebook. This project is sufficiently interesting for 89plus, an initiative of the super-curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who focuses on artists under the age of 25 to take him under its wing.


Sekhukuni has also just completed a residency at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris. Anyone who mashes up PJ Powers, image loops, facebook and avatars successfully, must be at the bleeding edge where art and technology collides.


Sekhukhuni was nominated as one of the Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2013.



The details:


Date: Tuesday, 19 August

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: 133 Arts Residency (133 Westcliff Drive, Parktown, Johannesburg)



RSVP to attend the art edition of Show & Tell:


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