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Common Methods is an ongoing venture that aims to establish growing relationships between designers, locals, craftsmen, manufacturers and the public.


There is an exploding design scene in South Africa, with emerging and already established designers entering the global arena to offer a fresh approach to the creative process. Connecting with South Africa, The Netherlands is known as a global force in conceptual, high quality design and creative solutions. The marriage of these two through a platform such as Common Methods allows for the various methodologies employed by designers to be explored. Looking into the intersection between design, production, living and all the social issues around it, the question “what do we have in common?” is raised. In an effort to answer this, Common Methods has established a space in which designers and makers from both continents can speak the same language, draw true to life comparisons and, from this point, make a series of mutually collaborative products.


As Common Methods launches officially for the first time on the African continent, a collection of products created in collaboration between Dutch and South African designers and local manufacturers will be shown at the First Edition exhibition in August. A series of home-ware and personal product items will adorn the exhibition, created by local designers/manufacturers Indigi Designs, Matblac, Bronze Age, Design Afrika and Woodheads with international designers Lio De Bruin and Phil Procter.


To illustrate their process from start to finish, each designer’s sketch book, tests and prototypes will be displayed among the final pieces. “Too often failure is hidden from the view of the onlooker, we continue to see perfection, but how can we truly understand the success of a project when we have no context from where it came to be where it is?’ says Common Methods Director Agata Karolina. “We are planning not just an exhibition of great products but a feast of information and interaction, an exploratory journey which each maker has taken to reach this point. The story of their journey, their struggles, accomplishments, the lessons learnt from one another, and the final outcome of all the hard work that has happened over the past six weeks.”


Aptly held during Cape Town’s dynamic reign as World Design Capital, the launch exhibition will run alongside the second edition of Open Design Cape Town.


Venue: 75 on Harrington in the East City, Cape Town
Dates: 15 – 24 August


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