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Ads This Week: Rain-Activated Ads, Cuddly Inflation and The Car-iest Car Ad


In Ads This Week we’re watching The Car-iest Car Ad, complete with black panther, for Honda Ballade, a bull dog called ‘Inflation’ for Checkers and looking at rain-activated outdoor ads for Flight Centre.


The Car-iest Car Ad for Honda Ballade by DDB and Frieze Films




DDB’s The Car-iest Car Ad for the new Honda Ballade is a parody that looks like a billion dollars. Using an operatic narration, the spot sends up the traditional car commercial formula, from the moody car intro shot to the closing slow-motion beauty shot. There’s even a panther. “It’s an excuse to see all the features of the new Honda Ballade, with a smile,” says Frieze Films director Tony Baggott. One of South Africa’s most experienced car directors, Tony knows the formula backwards, having shot commercials for everyone from Mercedes to Mazda. While the ad’s tone is humorous, the execution is anything but slapstick, earning Tony and DOP Peter Tischhauser a special mention in Ididthatad’s Monthly Ereel for July.


Agency: DDB
Agency Producer: Rachel Andreotti
Creative Team: Simon Keeling and Emile Spies
Director: Tony Baggott
Production Co: Frieze Films
Producer: Saskia Rosenberg
Director of Photography: Peter Tischhauser
Editor & Company: Saki Bergh, Left Post Production


Flight Centre’s Rain-Activated Billboard by M&C Saatchi Abel


Flight Centre
Flight Centre


You never miss summer more than when it’s wet, cold and miserable outside. That’s the perfect time to remind people that they can escape winter with a flight to somewhere warm and dry. M&C Saatchi Abel drew on this insight to create a rain-activated billboard for Flight Centre that’s only visible after a downpour. The name of a holiday destination (in this instance, Greece) was painted onto the cobblestones of the courtyard at the Cape Quarter with a transparent, highly hydrophobic solution. The word stays completely invisible when it’s dry outside, but even after a torrential downpour, the name emerges dry and highly visible when it’s wet. The location is ideal with high footfall traffic and great visibility from surrounding businesses, restaurants and offices. This will be the first of a number of hydrophobic billboards to be installed for Flight Centre in Cape Town.


Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel
Creative Director: Gordon Ray
Art Director: Carla Bekker
Copywriter: Joshua De Kock
Producer: Sonja Genis
Traffic: Amisha Gunpath


‘ Inflation….Down Boy!’ for Checkers by Ninety9Cents 




Checkers’ new TV commercial is taking South Africa by storm, with social media abuzz and over 24 000 hits on YouTube in just three days. The reason for the ad is the fact that Checkers has managed to keep their food inflation well below SA’s official food inflation for many years.  Last year alone they prevented more than R1billion in price increases from reaching their shoppers and they have promised to do it again this year. With the constant bombardment of negative economic messages, Checkers wished to find a unique way of telling people about what they’re doing to protect their customers from inflationary pressure. Together with their advertising agency, Ninety9Cents, a crazy idea was put on the table: Why not use a stubborn bulldog to represent increasing inflation? Just as with any other advert, extensive castings were done for the role. This was the bulldog’s first television commercial and his owners are extremely proud of him. 


Agency: Ninety9Cents
Agency Producer: Hylton Heather
Creative Director: Marius Van Rensburg
Director: Brin Kushner
Production Co: AFS Productions
Director of Photography: Terence Maritz
Editor & Company: Tim Goodwin, Upstairs Post


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